8 Reasons a Soak in the Bathtub is Good for You

We have all heard about the benefits of cold water on the body.  However a simple hot soak in the bathtub has many benefits as well.  Add our natural bubble bath scented with Citrus and Herb notes of Lavender, Lemongrass, Bergamot and Pine for the ultimate luxurious experience.


So how does a Good Soak in the Bathtub Benefit You?

1- Soaking in the Bathtub Can Lift Your Mood

Getting into warm bubble bath water feels good, however the power of that can also linger.  A recent survey concluded that bathing in a bathtub of hot water, can eradicate feelings of depression and pessimism because “Baths give you a wonderful combination of isolation, quiet, and comfort.”



2- Assists a Sound Night’s Sleep

Soaking in the bathtub can aid relaxation with in turn can help you get a better sleep as your body has been forced into relaxation during a bath.  Your muscles relax in the bath allowing for drifting off easier and quicker.



3- A Hot Bath can Alleviate Muscle Pain

Heat will get your blood flowing around the body, which is not only great for circulation but can also help sore or tight muscles to relax.  Add our Lavender Bath Salts made with Himalayan Pink Salts to help reduce inflammation.


4 – Soaking in the Bathtub Burns Calories

A hot bath is no match for a gym work out or yoga session, but a good sweat induced by a hot bath can burn as many calories as taking a walk.  Who knew?



5- Baths Can Help Reduce Cold and Flu Symptoms

If you have a blocked nose or sore head the steam form a hot bath is an excellent way of naturally decongestion your airways.  Add a soothing natural bubble bath to help with this sensory experience.


6- Baths Are Good for your Skin

Too hot a bath can irritate the skin however a warm bath with a Bath Oil made from natural plat based ingredients can help to hydrate and heal dry or irritated skin.


7- Baths Make you Feel more Alive

When you have a hot bath, you begin to sweat.  That’s an activity in and of itself.  So afterwards people tend to feel refreshed.  And even better, if you are feeling fatigued, a bath won’t make you feel drowsy, but once you do go to sleep, it will aid in you sleeping more deeply.


8- Lying in a hot Bathtub will Reduce Your Blood Pressure

Taking a regular bath can reduce your Blood Pressure.  Using heat to induce better blood flow and circulation, you are giving the body a bit of a tune up as it will help in preventing more serious heart conditions, like heart attack or stroke.


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