Our Impact and Environmental Aims

At Laura Thomas Co we feel very passionate about the environmental issues the world is facing.

That’s why all our boxes have been 100% recycled and 100% recyclable since 2014.

At Laura Thomas Co, we want to be transparent with our customers about our products and their journey. We’re committed to creating, sourcing and manufacturing our products from a sustainable supply chain. For this reason, we created the LTCO Standard. All of our products and suppliers must meet this as a minimum requirement before we launch any products or ranges. We’re always learning and improving our offering as we grow and as technology advances. We always want to be better so if you have any feedback about our products or service then please send them to info@laura-thomas.com.

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The LTCO Standard is set as:
Being sustainable and kind to the planet is at the core of our business. We vet all of our products and suppliers to ensure that the sustainability criteria is met. The criteria is as follows:
1. Reducing Waste: Laura Thomas Co enables customers to reduce the amount of plastic waste they consume. We offer reusable and refillable bottles for our toiletries and scent diffusers and encourage the reusing of candle jars. Our packaging is plastic free and even our inks are biodegradable. 
2. Lowering the Carbon Footprint: Laura Thomas Co are committed to and always looking for ways to reduce the carbon emissions of our products and supply chain. With the exception of our textiles and candle wax, all of our products are made in the UK to minimise emissions.
3. Natural Products: Where possible, Laura Thomas Co uses only natural ingredients which are good for our customers as well as the planet. Please always read the label for the full ingredient list.
4. Transparent + Ethical Supply Chain: Laura Thomas Co is always open and honest about products and supply chains. We ensure that all of our suppliers meet the Ethical Trade Initiative Base Code. This ensures that all workers are paid at least living wage and treated fairly. All Laura Thomas Co products are cruelty free and never tested on animals. Our products are all vegan.
Happy Customer, Happy Planet
All Laura Thomas Co products are tested to ensure that they are the best they can be – we’re perfectionists! We believe that natural and sustainable products make you feel better than synthetic ones and they’ll look even better in your home!
They Work!
Our products are just as good, (if not better) as the non sustainable alternatives. Our customers always give us brilliant feedback! 
If you would like to see any more information about the LTCO Standard or our products, please email us at info@laura-thomas.com.