Our Impact and Environmental Aims

At LT Co we feel very passionate about the environmental issues the world is facing.


That’s why all our packaging has been 100% recycled and 100% recyclable since 2014.

At Laura Thomas Co we feel really strong about zero plastic, zero waste, refilling and reusing.  Even our business cards are a pack of matches as we want everything we do to have a purpose and use.

All LT products are natural and sustainable free from synthetic fibres and fragrances.  Our textiles are made from cotton and our soaps and scents are created with essential oils.

All our scent diffusers and soaps are refillable.  The idea is that our products can be used and refilled for less cost and less waste.  All our refill pouches are recyclable.  We take recycling a step further by having our clients refill their original glass bottle, reducing waste on local recycling plants.


Every time an LT product is purchased a direct contribution to the preservation of our beautiful coastline is made as well as the protection of our marine life and the clean up of our oceans.

Watch this space as we are looking to partner with a local surf therapy charity in East Lothian in 2020.

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