How To: Summer Staycations in the UK

For almost a year now, domestic tourism and UK holidays have been the new norm. Staycations are here for the foreseeable with lots of Brits planning to hit the UK coast this summer instead of heading abroad. Now, while you may not be completely guaranteed to have 14 days of sunny weather, there are definitely things you can plan ahead for to make your staycation more enjoyable this summer!

Plan for ALL types of weather 

This goes almost without saying! The UK isn’t exactly known for it’s reliable weather so make sure you’ve packed clothing for rain, sun and snow. Summer time in the UK can be beautiful with long, hot (ish) days, but better to have that rain jacket packed just in case!

Picnic blankets and throws

An LT Co. waffle blanket is a must have for the summer of staycations! These are perfect for using as a picnic rug or as a sand free space to lounge on throughout the day. Be sure to take a refillable water bottle and a good book down to the beach as well for the ultimate day of beach relaxation.

Jumpers and Wrap Arounds

New for Summer 2021, we’ve added tie dye wraps. Not only would these look great in the house or at the end of the bed but they are they perfect addition to your staycation this summer! Lightweight and easy to fit into a beach bag, our wraps will be perfect for taking the wind off your back later on in the day. And when staycation season is over and we’re back to hopping on planes, they can double up as a sarong on your summer holiday abroad!

Get your beach bag ready!

Whilst staycations might mean that forgetting something isn’t the end of the world, it’s still better to have the small things with you – it’s meant to be relaxing after all! Fill your beach bag with all the essentials – don’t forget your hand sanitiser this year! After sun cream, hand sanitiser and your hat, snacks are the most important thing to have packed! We’re all about the marshmallows for toasting over the fire pit later on in the evening and loads of fresh fruit! Why not use your summer staycation as a way to trial the best of whats in season? Find out what fruit and veg is in season here.

We’d love to know where everyone’s thinking of heading off to this summer! Let us know in the comments. We’ll be heading to Costa Del East Lothian!

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