How To: LT Co. Customer Points

Did you know that you can earn customer points with every LT Co. purchase? We’re super lucky to have a dedicated following of LT Co. customers for all things scents, bedding and homewares and we want to give something back to them! By purchasing through our website, you can gain LT Co. customer points which can be used against future purchases. But how do you set it up?

How to earn customer points

Start off by creating a customer account by going through the Login/Register link. Once you’re all set up, this will say My Account and is where you will find any information about loyalty points as well as orders! You can even create a wish list – perfect for birthdays and Christmas! After you’ve done this, get shopping! Earn points on our candles, linens, textiles, scent diffusers… anything really! You gain one customer point for every pound spent so a few trips to the LT Co. website and you’ll have racked up a fair few! Just remember to login in at the beginning!

By clicking on My Account and then My Points, you’ll be able to see how many points you have as well as their worth. You could save up points and use them to purchase a full product or use them as a way of discounting future purchases. Think of it as doing your future self a favour! Or as a way of justifying buying yet another candle for the house – yes you really do need it!

Now for the fun part! Once you’re finished shopping and you’ve gone to the checkout, just click Apply Discount and the total value of your points will be taken off your purchase. It’s just that simple! We’ll then get your order shipped out and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your LT Co. purchases at home.

Happy shopping!

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