How to celebrate Mother’s Day 2021 style

Sunday 14th March 2021

Mother’s Day, the day you thank and show your appreciation to a special someone. To the woman who held your hand, tied your shoe laces and brushed your hair. This year LTCO are doing a special gift box. With a Coastal candle of your choice, a chocolate bar from local chocolatier Ailey Mae, as well as a mini hand and body lotion. It really does show how much that special lady means to you! Then to personalise it add a special note written by you, and will add it to the parcel.


Choose one out of the four candles to make your box that little bit more special. 

Wether you are celebrating someone who raised you well, or multiple mums this day will be slightly different. With Covid-19 still around, we wont be able to see those we care about. This way we can send a virtual hug and some unique resents to show you really are thankful for them.



We know in these times it hard to make a day different to the rest. That is why we have come up with some special ways to make Sunday stand out!

  1. Cook a big Sunday dinner, roast chicken or roast beef, you can’t go wrong. Or simply, cook their favourite meal.
  2. Meet up for a walk! Covid is stopping a lot of things but you can still meet up for a walk, so take a stroll in the fresh air. To the beach or up in the hills, delivering both exercise and memories in one!
  3. FaceTime quiz… although by now I am sure everyone is sick of the typical quiz night, make it different! From all different questions to quests this allows a giggle and some fun with those who aren’t there.
  4. Make a homemade card and send it to them! Take some time and create a home made personal card, no matter the age it is always a nice touch!
  5. Bake a cake! Any excuse to make a cake or cupcakes. Then either share them or drop them off at whoever you fancy! Remembering Covid restrictions though!



Although, we can’t be with loved ones on Sunday, the light at the end of tunnel is here. Not too much longer to go until we can hug and see those we love. We have got this. Let’s keep going!

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