North Berwick based Little Companies to Support

North Berwick…

North Berwick is situated on the East Coast of Scotland. This seaside town is placed right on the Firth if Forth. With long sandy beaches, many golf courses and tons of little unique places. Whether you are here for a long or short visit, you will not be bored with the array of adventures this town has to offer. Once the restrictions lift, come visit and wander the streets.


Bass Rock sits out in the Firth or Forth in the cool North Sea.

Little Shops & Stores to Support

In order of walking down the high street from east end to the west end!

  1. First up, Anderson’s Butcher. Producing the finest quality of meat and poultry you can’t not buy from them if you live down here. Locally sourced meat and eggs means you are supporting further than the store. If you are holidaying down here grab your meat for the perfect beach sausage sizzle!
  2. Next up is Coastal Kids. Supplying the coolest kids beach clothing, if you have children its a must go! Perfect birthday presents or just a holiday treat!
  3. Then we have, Bostock Bakery! Grab your Pan au Chocolates and Croissants from here. This cute little bakery sells the best pastries, perfect for summer or winter strolls. They also sell the most divine bread!
  4. Have a dog? Pop into Bark and Bone! The new doggie shop on the block! Selling everything from beds, to collars, to food! Treat your fury friend to some TLC from Bar and Bone.
  5. Next we have, Great Escape! This little clothing store is a hidden gem for those whom love the beach! Selling wetsuits to the retro North Berwick T-Shirts you can’t go wrong here. Stop by and treat yourself!
  6. Steampunk. Do you love coffee? Well this is undoubtedly the place you need to go to! Selling the finest coffee this is a must go. If you are not a coffee fan, do not worry! They do sell amazing tray bakes and nibbles!

More places…

  1. Get your sugar fix at Sugar Mountain. This sweet shop has been around forever. It has the classic feel of an old school sweetie shop, whilst providing such a choice! They also sell an array of ice cream in summer!
  2. Next up we have Why Not? This is a store with loads of little unique businesses inside. From bread to jewellery you have such a choice. With everything you need in one place, support them and buy the fresh produce grown by nearby farmers.
  3. Finally, we have Lockett Bros. Supplying locals with the best selection of fine wines and favourite drinks. A must go if you are looking for a good drink! You could even drop in for one of their tasting sessions.

The view from Drift, another cafe you must stop by and support!

What is there to do in North Berwick?

There is so much to do here in North Berwick. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Take a long walk along the beach. Let the children do rock-pooling and enjoy the rugged coastline. All be it in winter or summer these walks are always so lovely.
  • Or take a dip in the sea. No better way to feel fresh and reborn, jump into the sea and let the salt do the magic.
  • Next you could go for a cafe crawl. Walk along from Gullane to North Berwick trying hot chocolates along the way! No better way to experience the unique cafes.
  • The Seabird Centre, this amazing centre will educate you on all wildlife around the coast here in North Berwick. A truly amazing day or half day is spent. With a kids area it has so much fun!
  • Feeling a bit more adventurous? Go on a boat tour around the islands. With the seabird centre, fast or slow boats enjoy the views form the sea!
  • How about a walk up the Law? This makes for such a nice long walk with he most incredible views. So worth the hike!

Wherever you are, I hope at some point you can come and visit this picturesque town! These are tough times, but WE WILL get through them! Stay strong we are almost there.

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