Did you know that all of Laura Thomas Co. Products are natural?

Here at Laura Thomas Co.

All our Laura Thomas Co. products are fully natural. This means that there are no chemicals or harmful ingredients that will hurt or harm your skin or hair. From our Hand Wash to our Shampoo we strive to make sure the products are the as beneficial as possible to your mind and body! Natural products have so many benefits. Firstly they are good for the environment, the process to produce these products don’t require the manufacturing and processes that synthetic products do. These processes give off gases that increase the green house effect. Secondly, they are god for your skin and hair. The fact the products are natural, means that your skin won’t react against them. Instead it’ll deliver natural needs and remedies to your skin!


Flowers + Wood Hand Wash, leaves your hands moisturised and soft

Why should you use natural products?

There are so many reasons why you need to be using organic products. Here is are a couple of reasons why you should make the change:

  1. Very low environmental impact. Conventional skincare and makeup ingredients can affect wildlife and the environment negatively. The more chemicals used, the more that go into the water and air. Preservatives such as BHT and BHA are known to kill fish and shellfish. DEA reacts with nitrates negatively, forming cancer-causing nitrosamines. All these chemicals are not in Laura Thomas Co. products because why would you want to put these chemicals into your body?
  2. Next up is there are no internal side effects. Your skin is the largest organ of the body. It can absorb five to six time of its own body weight. So by putting chemicals and non-organic material on your skin, it will be absorbed into it. Like you wouldn’t drink chemicals, you don’t want to absorb them too.
  3. Natural products don’t smell artificial! Scented with essential oils, this leaves your skin or hair smelling naturally amazing.
  4. No skin irritation, since these product ingredients have been around for ages, our skin is used to them this way we do not react to them. These products are perfect for people who react really easily to products. There is nothing better than products that are kind to your skin and hair.
  5. Finally, they produce real results! They leave your skin glowing and hydrated and leave your hair shiny and naturally cared for! What else do you need?!


All our candles are made with soy wax, making them vegan and plant based!

Soy Wax Candles

LT Co. Candles are all made out of soy wax, and scented with essential oils! This means that there are no chemicals in them to harm you or your home! What better candles can you get. Fully natural and perfect for your home.

Laura Thomas Co. Website – http://laura-thomas.com/

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