The Art of Coorie: Live Happy the Scottish Way

What is The Art of Coorie?

The Art of Coorie – How to Live Happy the Scottish Way, is a book that was launched in 2018 by Gabriella Bennett. A journalist based in Glasgow, she writes for The Times about Scottish interiors, property and shipping habits. Researching The Art of Coorie she travelled the length and breadth of Scotland speaking to people whose love of Coorie is shown in their homes, creativity and approach to a life lived well. Best of all, it gave her the chance to explore the Scottish landscape by swimming in its lochs and seas.


A photo taken by Laura at The Art of Coorie book launch

Gabriella really has created a wonderful book. Featuring some of the best, quirky, and uber-cool places and businesses in Scotland. It really is a must-buy! For those readers who don’t live here in gorgeous Scotland. This book is the perfect read for you to feel and see this wonderful place. Once we escape from covid, those who have not traveled around Scotland should do so. With so many little individual places it makes every trip unique. From swimming in lochs to swimming in the North Sea.


Laura knows the feeling of walking freely along a Scottish beach


Why visit Scotland?

Well The Art of Coorie tells you why, but just in case you’ve ordered it and waiting, I’ll give you some reasons why.

  1. Scenery. From mountains in the Highland to turquoise beaches on the West coast. You get an abundance of views and landscapes within the 77,910 km squared. You will never get sick of the views! Maybe even drive the North Coast 500!
  2. Food. All over the country there are little to big restaurants to try and experience. Broadening your taste, with rich Scottish cuisine such as haggis. Then to try freshly caught fish and chips on the pier looking at the Northern sea. There is a taste for everyone.
  3. Shops. Little places like us here in North Berwick you can experience first hand and see how we have developed our products, from walks on the beaches to little shops and cafes it is worth the time. Finding those unique places you can go back to and support.
  4. Drink. It goes without saying what Scotland is famous for. Whiskey. Stay the night at places near distilleries. Then, try and learn about the famous golden liquid we as a country have perfected.
  5. Lastly, live happy. Adventures are fun, they are food for thought, they feed the mind. You grow as a person on these adventures. The memories last a life time, and for most of us we don’t need a plane ticket. It is right on our door step!


The Art of Coorie will be in stock with Laura Thomas Co. soon, so watch out!


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