The Sweetest Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day 2021

This Valentine’s will not be the usual, but instead of sending a card, send a Love rose candle instead! This year Valentine’s should be about celebrating and thanking everyone. Everyone whom you love and those who have helped you get through this past year. This day is typically associated with couples, but let’s change that this year! Send love to everyone; the key workers working endlessly, that neighbour who chats to you over the fence, your best friend who you can’t see or even that partner that you have been driving up the wall!


LOVE Rose Candle, this plant based candle is perfect yo make February 14th that bit more special…


Ideas for a stay at home Valentine’s Day:

  1. Netflix and Chill – Light the Love Rose Candle and snuggle up on the sofa with the best romcoms, or whatever films float your boat! Grab some yummy snacks and a big blanket and enjoy the film. Some good romcom films include: The Longest Ride, Life As We Know It, Just Go With It and The Proposal! All guarantee a good giggle!
  2. Do a Fondue for however many. This can be sweet or savoury! Either buy a kit or make it yourself this is always a fun experience and a good laugh. Enjoy some quality time with your household.
  3. Create an at-home-spa! Create the spa atmosphere with moody music, Laura Thomas Co. Candles especially the Love Rose Candle. Add some face masks, nail varnish and possibly a massage and you are all set! Pamper yourself or pamper your partner, or friend and this will be an evening of relaxation and tranquility.
  4. Set up a Nacho bar, so easy to do put all the favourites out and watch the fun begin. You can accompany this snack with a card game or a board game. Such a simple and fun way to enjoy an evening.
  5. Cocktail making evening… Spice up the weekend and make your favourite cocktails, light a candle or sit by the fire and enjoy some down time trying new or old cocktails.
  6. Order in! Now at this time not many places are open, but taking the night off cooking and getting a take-away is the perfect way to treat yourself!



Run yourself or someone else the perfect bath…

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