The Environmental Impact of Packaging and Materials

Packaging and Materials here at LT. Co.

Here at Laura Thomas Co. we are always looking for better and improved ways to reduce our environmental impact. All our product boxes for our products are cardboard as well as fully recyclable. The boxes we send your orders to you in are all made out of recycled paper and themselves are fully recyclable. When we get an order arrive, we save the packaging and use this packaging to fill the boxes we send to our customers. The chips we fill your orders with are called eco flow. Along with your order you get a little paper ticket describing what the Eco-Flo is. Eco-Flo are biodegradable, compostable, reusable/disposable, renewable, repulpable starch chips.


Not sure what Eco-Flo is? It is the white chips within our products in the box above!


How to up-cycle the materials from Laura Thomas Co.

A few ideas on how you can re-use, up-cycle and give a second life to the products you buy from us:

If the product is anything but a candle, you can come back and buy a refill. This comes in a paper pouch that you simply pour into your existing bottle. This pouch should then be put in the recycling. This saves both wasting a glass bottle as well as a product box. You just simply place an order on the Laura Thomas Co. website for a refill, we send it to you and you finish it off by refilling the bottle!


An example of the LT. Co. refill pouches – Lime & Basil Scent Diffuser refill


Scent diffuser bottles – if you’r scent diffuser has come to an end. These can be rinsed out and used as the perfect smoothie glasses! Make a delicious fresh smoothie, pour it into the jar and top it with a re-usable straw. Once you’re done with the smoothie, stick the jar in the dishwasher and use it again and again! Below is a recommended smoothie by


Reduce your environmental impact and up-cycle! Berry & Beet smoothie perfect for a refreshing start to the day!

Photo: Pinterest – foxes love lemons

Using Candle Jars when the Candle has gone…

The Candle jars, once you get to the end of the candle’s life. Start by melting the wax out of the jar or clean it with very hot water and soap. Once it is all clean this jar can be replaced for many things.

  1. Use the jar as a water tumbler! They will become collectable as time goes on. Is there any such thing as too many glasses?
  2. Grow fruit or veg in them, wether it is a tomato seed or parsley, they are the perfect size to start growing something in!
  3. Store stuff in them like hair bobbles or jewellery. As they come with a lid they are great storage!
  4. Swear Jar! Make it into a swear jar to curb the cursing in your household!

You are also able to up-cycle the mini candle jars!

  1. Ring pot, keep all your precious rings in one place with a lid to keep them safe!
  2. Use it to store moisturiser or make a lip balm to go in it!


Re-purpose your candle jar like this! Photo from Pinterest –

Why Up-Cycle, Re-Use and Recycle?

As a business we are trying to do our part and reduce our environmental impact as much as we possibly can! Starting from the bottom up, making sure all our products we make are plant based. All our products are organic and plant based this reducing the carbon emissions it takes to produce our products.

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