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New East Lothian Inspired Coastal Candle Range

Inspired by the coast of East Lothian, Scotland. Our new range is our best yet! We have been working on this range for over 6 months to create a soy candle collection that is representative of our beautiful East Lothian coastline around Gullane and North Berwick.

Laura’s inspiration; ‘It was during the heat wave of 2018 while I was on Gullane beach playing beach badminton with my girls that I sat down and inhaled all the smells around me. The buttery, earthy, sweet smell of baking hot sand, the scent of sea grasses in the air and the cool salty waft of the tide.’

It was from this day, that a  collection that reflected the scents she could smell on the beaches and coastline of East Lothian was born. From the seaside spots she calls her ‘happy place’. Laura started mixing scents in her workshop and created the first coastal candle, Sand.   Later came Wood (Laura’s personal favourite), Fire and Wave.



Blending notes of Bergamot, Lavender, Pine and Lemongrass, ‘Sand’ Coastal Candle was created.  Capturing the feeling of Scottish sand between your toes when the scent of sea grasses and citrus is in the air.  ‘Sand’ a 100% pure soy candle, is designed to will transport you back in time to simpler days spent laughing by the seaside.

Wood (Laura’s fave!)

Laura’s inspiration behind the scent of her wood coastal candle was of the lush abundance of wood and smoke.  The scent of a campfire that taps into our primal instincts.

Lovingly handmade and hand poured wood coastal candle will transport you to a roaring campfire on a deserted beach. Wood has hints of sandalwood, cedarwood, cinnamon and rose.  It is woody and smokey, yet delicate and gentle with scents of rose and cinnamon.

This candle is neither too masculine nor feminine.  It has carefully crafted to represent the wood and smoke of a fire but also the warmth and comfort that an open fire offers.

It’s Laura’s personal favourite of the range!


Coastal candle ‘Fire’ was inspired by capturing the essence of a traditional welcoming Fire.  Whether this is on a beach camp fire or at home. This candle trades heat and light for scents bitter and sweet.  The delicate scent combination of Patchouli, Rose, Sandalwood and Gardenia wraps you in that primal feeling of comfort, warmth and security.

Fire isn’t too woody nor smokey, it has a delicate mix of masculine and feminine scents balanced and working together to create this unique scent that Laura has blended.  A scent which she thinks reflects the deep comfort of a roaring fire.


Waves are a good thing when you’re a surfer!  When Laura was developing the Coastal Candle Range, she felt she wanted to create a Wave coastal candle.

The scent of her Wave candle will remind you of that clean, fresh alive feeling of being embraced by your surroundings on a summers afternoon.

The scents of fresh air and flowers, awakening you.

Notes of Lemon Blossom, Neroli, Petitgrain and Cinnamon, make Wave Coastal Candle as fresh as a cool swim on a Scottish summers day.


Good to know

Each candle has been carefully handmade in house at the LT workshop in North Berwick.

All Coastal Candles are 8.5oz with a 30 hour burn time. Using Pure Soy Wax and reuseable jar ♲ and lid.

Packaging 100% recycled and 100% recyclable ♻︎

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Kate xx


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