A Candle for Body & Soul

Hi LT readers, it’s Camilla, Production Manager here!  One of our favourite days here at LT HQ is when we pour our Lavender candles. The air is full of Lavender’s rich, herbaceous scent and we all feel very serene! We use essential oils in all our candles, so let’s talk about a few of the fragrances and aromatherapy benefits.

Lavender Candle

‘As Rosemary is to the spirit, so Lavender is for the soul’ goes the old saying. We always use 100% natural Lavender essential oils in our candles, pillow mists and bath salts. The evidence is that Lavender essential oil creates the calm mood enveloping us. Lavender has been used for its scent and healing qualities since ancient times. We value Lavender today for both its calming, relaxing scent and for its many health benefits.

Lavender is a superstar of the aromatherapy world. It is well known for its power to ease stress, help with insomnia and lower blood pressure. We recommend you light a Lavender candle in the evening as part of your bedtime ritual. Our Lavender Pillow Mist can be spritzed on your pillow to ease you into sleep. It is also safe to use for children who find it a challenge to nod off.


Lime & Basil Candle

One of our most popular scent combinations, Lime & Basil is an energising and cheerful fragrance pairing. Lime is zesty and fresh and is traditionally used to refresh the spirit. Basil is mentally stimulating and helps to keep you alert. This is a great candle to burn during daytime to help you concentrate and excel at your daily tasks. Basil is also use to ward off colds, perfect in January!



Sandalwood & Mandarin Candle

If you enjoy a warm, woody scent with a sweet citrus note then our Sandalwood & Mandarin candle may be your favourite. Aside from its gorgeous scent, Sandalwood has many beneficial properties. It is traditionally used to give a sense of peace and spiritual calm. It can help lift a low mood and also has aphrodisiac qualities. Mandarin is well-known for its uplifting fragrance. This is a candle to light when you need a mood boost!


Sand Candle

Using Bergamot, Lavender and Lemongrass as part of our fragrance blend, we have created a beautiful scent to remind you of summertime days (and nights!) on the beach. Lemongrass is an invigorating, lemony aroma with the power to help with focus and energy. Bergamot is another mood-lifter and, combining with Lavender, gives you  positive feelings. A fantastic combination when you need to get up and get-going!

Fire Candle

Warm, enveloping and evocative, our Fire candle wraps you in a feeling comfort and security. Patchouli and Cedarwood feature in this scent and both have wonderful aromatherapy properties. Patchouli has  rich, sensual notes and is often used in meditation practice.  Cedarwood is also a grounding, comforting scent and is helpful during adversity. This is a candle to light when you need to reconnect to nature and find the path to comfort.

All About You

One thing all our candles have in common is their beautifully crafted fragrance combinations. Choose the perfect candle to for you; one to fit your mood and your best intention for your day.




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