100% Organic Wool Duvet Inners, Pillows and Mattress Toppers

So here’s a first.  I’m tuning out.  Yup, I’m going off the grid.  The girls and I are going to France to catch some waves before the busy work months of November and December and I’m NOT taking my laptop.

Work life balance is a hard juggle when you have children.  Let alone when you’re a solo parent with Dad who is at the other side of the world.  With an office at home it’s hard to turn off and tune out.  I love my business.  It’s my baby, the seed I planted and it grows through my creation everyday.  I also love working from home.  With everything there are downsides to the upsides, for me is not being able to switch off.

Most mornings I wake up at 6am and am in my office by 6.30 with a cup of tea.  I love getting up before the girls when there is no noise and everything is still.  Planning my day and doing some early morning emails helps me to get that feeling of being on top.  When I feel behind, that’s when my stress and tension creeps in.

I haven’t been feeling on top of my game recently.  I’ve been run down with a cold virus and my energy levels have been much lower than normal.

I know myself well and going away and switching off from the daily and weekly routines will allow me to bounce back.  Playing in the waves, eating some super french food and mindfully spending time with my girls is just the perfect medicine.  This time tomorrow night I’ll be driving down a French motorway with a smile on my face.

I’ve dabbled as a surfer.  Mucking around on a board in Australia and France while travelling back in the day – it was a real laugh with friends.  I picked up a board again in Portugal back in March and put the girls into surf school there’s been no turning back.  There really is nothing like it when you’re lying on your board and that wave your going to catch is approaching.  With head cocked, arms akimbo, it’s all happening and before you know it your up being pushed along by the great force of nature.  I feel so free when I’m out on the sea.  I have no worries, my brain is just focusing on getting up on that board and I’m calm and at peace.

Olivia is getting quite good and Lilly who was the smallest (and youngest they’d ever had) in her surf school in Portugal, stood up near to straight away.  It’s great to have found a purpose to our travel which involves all of us having a real giggle.

So a small bag, two children and my Nikon D5000 will accompany me to France for what’s going to be a super fun next few days.

Minimal and simple is always the way forward.

Happy days!

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100% Organic Wool Duvet Inners, Pillow and Mattress Toppers

4 Benefits to Sleeping in Wool rather than Down


Organic wool duvet inners have many benefits over traditional feather and down duvet inners and they are becoming ever more a popular choice to have on your bed.  There are many health benefits to wool and here are the most important four:


1- Regulation Body Temperatures

Hair or wool is the only naturally grown fibre made by mammals to regulate body temperature in all weathers in all seasons.  When used in products for human use the same benefits apply.

There are scientific reasons for this temperature regulations.

In cold temperatures, wool removes moisture from the skin.  At the same time it insulates by trapping dry air.

In warm temperatures, wool’s fibres draws in air which removes excess heat and moisture from the body, helping the wearer stay cool.

Also wool is naturally water-resistant, repelling moisture vapour through its fibres and making it resistant to rot, mould and mildew.  The body stays warm even when it’s wet.  For example when wearing wooly socks and the footwear becomes water-soaked, feet will feel much less cold or damp.  Further to that, wool’s unique structure does not allow the build-up of body odours therefore those socks could be worn for days on end.

So how does this help getting a better sleep?

When we are cold a wool duvet will keep us warm and when warm, it will draw moisture away from the body and keep us cool.  Therefore when purchasing a wool duvet it will be good for all seasons.  No need to buy a ‘summer’ and ‘winter’ duvet.


2- Hypoallergenic

When a cosmetic or textile is described as ‘hypoallergenic’ it means that it is absent of a gene that produces a certain protein, which typically produces an allergic reaction by human skin and bodies.

Our wool duvets are free from allergies and will not cause skin irritations.


3- Dust Mite Resistant

House dust mites are tiny creatures.

They live off human skin scales which have been partially digested by moulds and thrive in humid environments. Mites are found in bedding, carpets, soft furnishings and clothing.

People are not allergic to dust mites themselves but proteins in their droppings. Each mite produces about 20 of these waste droppings every day and the droppings continue to cause allergic symptoms even after the mite has died.

House dust mite allergy is very common and is associated with asthma, eczema and perennial allergic rhinitis. Exposure to house dust mite allergen happens in the bed, so taking precautions in the bedroom is essential.

When it comes to typical UK temperatures, dust mites simply can’t survive in wool. Without getting too graphic, dust mites need a warm, humid environment for their food source to grow – wool is simply too dry. Dust mites do not eat wool or dust, they also don’t drink, making the humid environment all the more essential.


4- Chemical Free Sleeping

We spend a 1/3 of our lives in bed!

So why not spend that 1/3 well away from harmful chemicals.  Our wool duvet covers are 100% GOTS (Global Organic Trading Standards) certified right down to the cotton on the outside of the inner.

They are 100% organic and 100% chemical free.

Sleep with a clear conscience.  Your creating a better sleeping environment for you and your creating a better planet for everyone else.


Duvet inners and Mattress Topper from single to emperor sizes.

Pillows standard UK size.

available in two weights.  300 gms + 450 gms.

From £58.




Laura Thomas Linens. © Helen Pugh Photography www.helenpughphotography.com tel: 07837 533051


Laura Thomas Linens. © Helen Pugh Photography www.helenpughphotography.com tel: 07837 533051


Laura Thomas Linens. © Helen Pugh Photography www.helenpughphotography.com tel: 07837 533051


Laura Thomas Linens. © Helen Pugh Photography www.helenpughphotography.com tel: 07837 533051


Laura Thomas Linens. © Helen Pugh Photography www.helenpughphotography.com tel: 07837 533051


Laura Thomas Linens. © Helen Pugh Photography www.helenpughphotography.com tel: 07837 533051


Laura Thomas Linens. © Helen Pugh Photography www.helenpughphotography.com tel: 07837 533051

Images | Helen Pugh Photography for Laura Thomas Linens.


Ya hoo, wa hoo we’re off on holiday, I’m turning my computer off until Sunday, Laura x








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