Biarritz + Uber Cool Eatery Bar Tour

Whoever created the saying ‘a change is better than a rest’ was bang on.

A few days surfing in Biarritz France was just the ticket.  Limited WIFI and no laptop, it really was a break.  I only posted three times on social media, a lot less than I had intended and I didn’t care, unplugging was amazing, I was free and that made me happy.

I’ve decided I’m going completely break more often.  We were in Portugal in Easter for two weeks and I worked a few hours everyday.  When you run your own gig it’s hard to break free from the constant list of things to do, create, pack, sort….

Biarritz was every bit the gem I had known before.  The late Autumn surf was high and dangerous (a friend told me that the week before the European Surf Championships were cancelled one day as the surf was too big) so we found surf further down the coast on the Spanish Border town of Handaye.

The art deco feel, the grandeur of France mixed with über cool shops, eaterys and surfers, Biarritz really is the pearl of the Atlantic.  We stayed in an apartment found on Airbnb at the top of the hill between the area of Miramar and Anglet with brilliant views of the water.

Revived and relaxed the real test is when you return home.  I’ve lived in few places that when we get home you feel deflated.   You can hit home with a thud.  Not so in my Old Doctors Surgery, it was just great to get home.









The Beach House

26 Avenue Des Dauphins, 64600, Anglet

It’s always great to get a tip-off about a great place to eat.  By recommendation we eat at the Beach House one evening and it has to be one of best places I ever been.  They had nailed it.  The food, atmosphere, service and interiors were beyond perfect.  So I popped back the next day before their lunch service to shoot it for the blog.


über cool eatery / bar with a Venice Beach, California surf vibe.

Relaxed, informal this eatery is split into three areas.

The front area has a scooter park and on entry there is a fire pit.  Walking towards the building your find an old boat that has landed and transformed into a bar, with informal seating surrounding.  Known as a Guinguette which is a popular drinking establishment located in the suburbs of Paris and other cities in France.

Inside the building itself there is a coastal vibe that has been made very inviting with sheepskin rugs slung over chairs and surf memorabilia along the walls.

The back side of the building there is an outdoor bar and swimming pool with alfresco dining around it.


Flawless service, style and food this places gets and 11 out of 10.











Beach House, Anglet


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