Kitchen Analogy Series. Pattern meets Industrial.

This is the first in new series called ‘Analogy’.  Each post, will show a different room with a slightly off beat style.  The dissection and discussion of these rooms aims to inspire you to try a new style or move a room around and play with your design and style.

Yes, there are the do’s and do not’s of interior design but lets chuck those ‘official’ rules out the window.  What your home appearance really comes down to is YOU.  Your style, your taste, your colours and your ease for living comfortably.

The kitchen in this two bedroom apartment has a beautifully merged style.   Pattern mixed with industrial touches.  The femininity of the baby pink and minty blue floral wallpaper dominates the eye but on closer look the masculine touches come through too.  Namely the concrete work surfaces and the pewter handles (made with a mix of metals, normally dominated by tin).  The Belfast sink sits neatly between the two different areas and the work surfaces are finished off with perspex glass splash backs.

The industrial style lamp shade creates flow around the whole space from the work benches, sink and handles to the softness of the art, flowers on display and the washed linen table cloth.  All beautifully combining the mixture of soft pattern and hard industry.

You could say there is a ‘yin’ and a ‘yang’ with the style in this kitchen.  Just as things in life are not black nor white, they can’t live without each other.  The yin or industrial here is cold, hard and passive the yang or pattern is bright, active and strong.  They balance each other out perfectly.

When it comes down to decorating, give yourself a chance and go with your gut.  Mess it around, merge it and just go for it.  After all, your home is your own little nest and no one elses!

(images | Alvhem Maklare)

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