Kitchen #LTIDReno

The LTID Reno continues.  The construction of the kitchen from scratch in an old Doctors Waiting Room is slowly coming together.

Cooking on a camping gas stove is wearing thin (that’s 10 weeks now) but the end of road is in sight.  Finally! 

Last week in pictures.

(Some images were taken on an iphone)

Waiting room full of old unit’s pulled out of bedrooms, with new units wrapped in the foreground.

The black units go in.  I used Howdens Joinery Co.

These amazing silver knobs came from a friend.  Her Mum was replacing her kitchen and I upcycled the old knobs.  They came from Smallbone of Devizes.

The beautiful winter’s sun setting.  Finally it’s getting dark nearer to the more appropriate time of 5pm.  Roll on Spring.

The granite work surface went in today.  Custom made by S & N Stoneworks.  What an amazing service given.  I chose Star Galaxy which had a silver, copper fleck.

Bets are being taken on when the Kitchen will finally be up and running.  Pick a day & hour over on the LTID Facebook page and the person closest wins a Laura Thomas Linens Lavender Pillow Mist.

Look at the LTID Facebook here.

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