LTID Reno Update & 6 Reasons to have Open Shelving in the Kitchen

Weekend by weekend I’ll work on my renovation, aiming to catch hours here and there inbetween my working week too.  It’s starting to move forward a little more as the busy silly season becomes a distant memory and I now have more time.

Today is the last day that the ‘once was’ Doctor’s waiting room will look like this.  The new kitchen is going in tomorrow, which is very exciting.

At the moment we are cooking with a mini oven, microwave and camping gas stove in a ‘once was’ staff kitchen out the back.  Cookingwise I’ve made do and the little oven has even managed to bake a few loaves of bread but I’m missing not being able to whip up a cake for my girls for when they come back from school or for the weekends when it’s been cold and all I’ve wanted to do is eat homemade goodies, sip earl grey tea and cosy up with the girls infront of a movie.

Tomorrow however along this back wall will see the start of a fully functioning kitchen going in.  The units in the image have been pulled out of Doctor’s Treatments rooms, which are now bedrooms.  I had thought that I would be able to paint and upccyle them into a new kitchen.  I hate waste so this seemed totally logical.  Sadly not though.  As crazy as it is, buying new units is actually cheaper than the time it would take to re-fit and re-size existing ones.

Keep an eye this week on my facebook page for the progress and the live action as the new kitchen goes in!

The heavy and somewhat continuous rain this weekend inspired me to clean out the gutters and drains.  They were stuffed full of leaves and twigs and hadn’t been cleaned out for years.  The rain was coming off the roof, hitting the flooded gutters and spilling straight onto the path below like mini waterfalls.  It has been on my mind for a while now and I finally got round to getting it done on Sunday.

That then led to other jobs close by.  The entrance, front building walls and window were all de-cobwebbed.  The entrance got a soapy wash and then a wipedown with malt vinegar beacause it was growing moss.  This is a great trick if you ever find damp or mold anywhere.  The acid in the vinegar kills the fungi and it doesn’t grow back.

Well here’s to another week and another push at moving away from flash camping! Laura x

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6 Reasons to Have Open Shelving in the Kitchen

1. You can show off your kitchenware.

Why hide away your beautiful crockery, decorative bowls and serving platters?  You bought them because you thought they looked good, so get them on show and enjoy seeing them daily.


2. Organising is easier.

Searching for something is a thing of the past with open shelving.

(image | Sarah Serman)

3. It Makes a Kitchen look Spacious.

Tearing away a wall full of cabinetry can make a space seem much bigger as tall wall cabinets can tower overhead making a kitchen feel dark and enclosed.

(image |

4. Open Shelving is inviting.

Friends and Family feel they can help themselves as well as help out where possible during gatherings.  Open shelves give a friendly feel to a kitchen.

(Image |

5. Dust is not a deal breaker.

Get over the dust.  Just wipe the surface down every so often to avoid a build up.

(image |

6. It’s inexpensive.

Cabinets are expensive.  Knocking up a couple of shelves on the other hand – do-able!

(image | Remodelista)

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