Annie Kruse’s Wild Boys and Girls

“Curiouser and curiouser” cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot to speak good English). 

For few months now I’ve been wondering what fellow lifestyle and interiors blogger, Annie Kruse has been been secretly doing behind the screen of her very stylish blog ‘Stylejuicer‘.

I met Annie over a year ago when I introduced her to Laura Thomas Linens.  Thoughtful, fun with a witty German sense of humour, Annie put together a wonderful interview about LTL on her blog.  I was honoured to be nestled among her stylish monochrome interior findings.

She introduced me to her readers some moons ago and today I’d like to do the same. 

Annie is a graphic designer by trade.  Her brand Wild Boys and Girls was inspired by her background in design to create some minimal urban t-shirts and kids room accessories, all with the aim of  continuing to feed her own two wild boys’ imagination.  What a lovely Mum!

Made from 100% ringspun cotton the garments play on the current trend of Native American symbolism.  Annie has designed timeless pieces.  There is no doubt that they will be happily handed down and worn time and time again. 

Well done Annie!  Good luck. x

Tees from £20  |  Cushions from £26  |  Art from £18

Wild Boys and Girls

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