Voyage Wall Art Challenge

When Scottish based creative fabric brand, Voyage got in touch to ask me if I wanted to join their Wall Art Challenge, I was immediately in.

I’ve admired this brand for a while.  Voyage are best known for offering a wide array of striking printed fabrics and Wall Art.

Drawing on inspiration from it’s Scottish heritage (the company is based in Glasgow), Voyage‘s collections feature designs that have been hand drawn by their talented in-house creative team using watercolour techniques.

Each fabric and wall art starts a design process by way of a hand painted watercolour.  It is then digitally printed onto non woven paper.  This paper is incredible.  To the touch, it’s thick yet delicate, slightly silky but matte and having now worked with it, I can confirm it’s none other than top quality.  This specialist paper reacts with the inks to create that chic matte finish, which highlights every last detail of the original painting.  The result being a piece of art.

For this challenge I decided to ‘up-cycle’ a chest of drawers.  All handles were dated and all drawers scratched and shabby.

For my wall art challenge (or should I say drawer art) I choose a design from the Iridescence Collection.  ‘Judu Grenadine’ is inspired by the dramatic and transient effect that light can have on colour.  I was instantly taken by the designs brightness and the perfectly messy palette of merged watercolours.  The effect perfectly symbolises the natural rotation of light and dark, the Sun rising then falling back into darkness.  It reminded me of the natural rhythm of life, the ups and the downs, the positive and the negative.


How to get a Voyage Wall Art Effect on Furniture (in this case, Drawers)

1- Place the drawers on top of the paper and lightly pencil around each one to get your template. Placing the paper and drawer on top of cardboard, use a Stanley knife to cut along the pencil lines.
2- Mix wallpaper adhesive with water (following instructions on the packet).  Spread the glue with a paint brush (a good thick layer) on both the front of the drawers and on the paper itself.
3- Press the paper onto the drawers.  Using a paperwiz, scrap it gently along to the top of the wall art to get rid of any excess glue.
4- Leave overnight to dry.  
5- Next day, add your drawer knobs (I used silver kitchen door knobs from Smallbone of Devizes).
It’s really simple and the effect is striking.  
Next up a feature wall to match.  Although part two will have to wait until my renovation starts in November.  So keep an eye out for my next Wall Art Challenge coming soon!

Voyage  |  [email protected]  |  0141 641 1700

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