Hello 2014. Giving and a Photo Shoot.

Happy New Year and Hello 2014!  

Many blogs and magazines in the last week have been talking about reflecting on the previous year to move forth to the next.  Does anyone actually sit and critically analysis themselves?  Go on be honest.  I have to confess I never have.  Christmas and New Year always come and go in a flash and ta-da before you know it, life routine has returned.  Although I may have business plans for the impending year, my personal development doesn’t get a look in.


I’ve just finished the amazing business book Rich Dad Poor Dad.  Towards the end of this motivating book the author gets down and deep on life.  He truly believes that if you give out, that given will be returned.  Love and you’ll be loved, be generous with money and money will come back to you, smile and you’ll be smiled at.


So, for the first time ever, on the 1st January, I reflected on the previous year. I decided what worked and what hasn’t.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.  So I’m going to stop what is not working and look for something new.  I love new ideas and I love action so having been inspired by my recent read, my theme for 2014 is giving.


Change is in the air.  I plan on growing this blog and giving as much insight, inspiration and information on interiors and DIY for better, happier living.  Last year saw over 45,000 hits on this site, which I am so over-whelmed and honoured by.  Pushing my business Laura Thomas Linens  is also a priority in creating more a life-style brand than ever.  I’ll be introducing a bed linen essentials range of inexpensive white sheets and towels, sourced in Egypt and made with Egyptian cotton as well as some bedroom accessories.  Laura Thomas Linens will also be branching out a second arm in the UK soon.  Although a small company I plan on giving here too by running more giveaways on this blog and the Laura Thomas Linens facebook page.  Watch this space!

On a personal level I want to focus on being the best mother to my beautiful daughters, who have brought me so much love and happiness.  Giving them pure love, fun times and a carefree childhood is top of the agenda.

Also personal development is something I’d love to give myself.  We are all given two great gifts: our minds and our time.  I plan on using both mine wisely this year.

Best wishes for 2014 

Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot at Laura Thomas Linens

Yesterday  I was working with the very talented Jess Burges of Exposure Photographics again taking shots of new hand embroidered stock.  Working with Jess is easy.  Firstly when you really respect another person’s work, it’s always peace of mind to go with their suggestions as well as your own.  Secondly it’s fun.  In my mind it isn’t really work at all as I love shooting new linen.  Styling the room and bed linen to look and fit the Laura Thomas Linens approach takes time however is so rewarding.

This shoot we had some little helpers.  Have a wee peek below.

 Styling the scene.

Bedside props.

Little helper number 1.

Bed styling.  Stunning 100% wool, made in New Zealand throws by Milo and Mitzy.  Available in charcoal, ivory cream, natural fawn, light grey and dark grey.

Little helpers number two and three.

 To get that ‘just got out of bed’ look with the sheets one must actually get in the bed.

(Photography / Jess Burgess Exposure Photographics ©)

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