5 Tips for a Calming Bedroom During a Busy Festive Period

There is exactly a week to go before Christmas Day!  Whether or not we host or are being hosted this
Christmas there is some degree of organisation needed. Presents to
buy, food to prepare, travel to organise, the list seems never ending
on those last few days.

Here are some tips on how to create a calming
bedroom during those busy times and so as the end of a busy day comes
round you can retire to your peaceful place for a sound night sleep
and a much need battery recharge.
1- Half an hour before you go to bed, put your
side light on and unfold the covers back to halfway down the bed.
Therefore creating an invite to yourself to get into bed and rest.

2- Have a pile of holiday reading beside your bed.
Visit the library, swap with friends or get yourself to the local
bookshop and stock up on light reading. Go on put those serious how
to business books or educational reading away.

3- While reading or relaxing before bed burn a
scented candle on your bedside table. Not only does this create an
ambiance it will make your bedroom smell divine, perfect for
unwinding after a busy day.

4- Layer your bed with different pillow sizes.
Having a large square pillow (otherwise known as a european pillow)
behind the pillow / s that you sleep on is wonderful for the posture
of your body while reading or relaxing before going to bed. They
vary in price depending on the filling.

5- Don’t set an alarm unless absolutely necessary.
Let your body wake up by itself or rather in my case, my children
with the excitement of Christmas day.

Have a great Christmas everyone!

 Laura x

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