Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

If your similar to me with children at this time of year, the last month has been all go.  Juggling the build up to Christmas with both a busy business period, the end of school year (here in New Zealand) and added bonus of Christmas events, I’m worn out!

With the school knock off now immintent here are some Christmas craft ideas to fill up the day before Christmas with the kids, keeping them amused and you relaxed.  Make those Crafternoons fun with some Christmas baking nibbles and like us some ice cold cinnamon infused water to refesh on a hot day.  Surround yourselves by the scent of Christmas candles and carols to get really into the spirit of the season.


We used what could be found around the house to make some Christmas stars to hang from the tree.  Templates found on the internet and although not very PC we used matches as they have the red colour on the end.  Great for 4+ age group.

(images / Laura Thomas)

Lollipop Stick Craft

A large bag of lollipop stick are inexpensive from a craft / $2 shop / £1 Mart and are great for crafting with the kids.  Adding glitter, glued on gems or anything that is avaliable is fun and inexpensive and as the kids will only last about half an hour to an hour, they can make a decoration from start to finish.

(images / Laura Thomas)

Paper Chains

A traditional Christmas must – who didn’t make this in Primary School?  Easy and fun, we used wrapping paper that came with the recent New Zealand Homes and Gardens Magazine.   The paper must the thick enough to not break or tear.  Make using a glue stick or hot glue gun.  Pre-cut strips of paper to make it easy for the kids to simply glue together, allowing them to quickly watch their chain grow.

Crafternoon treats and cool drinks.

Finally currently on my baking list are these seriously cute mini gingerbread houses.  Delicious when dunked into a thick hot chocolate!

(Image via

Other baking ideas; 

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