Kids Bedrooms: Teepees.

All kids do it.  Make dens that is, with whatever they can find.  In fact it may be the number one activity in my household on a rainy day.  Many a Scottish woollen blanket gets strung up and draped around or over chairs.  These secret dens leave a wake of destruction after a while of play only to create a half hour clear up for Mum, however it’s all in the name of fun.  We all only get one childhood after all.

I’ve been looking into teepees for my girls to add to their dens games and having looked on Pinterest there are lots of examples of DIY teepees.  Making my own teepee looks like a lot of fun and I’m going to have a go at making one.  More on that in another post.

Kids teepees are a fun and creative way for imaginative games and look great in a kids bedroom or playroom.  They don’t necessarily need to be for a small childs room either.  A teepee could be a lovely place for a teenager to relax and my findings found me wanting one for myself.  A sort of hideaway from life den….

(images / Pinterest)
Love the Adult Teepee.
My girls and their lovely friend in an outside den.

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