Colours of Northern England

There is beauty where ever you look.  That is, of course, if you choose to look at life in this way.

I was in the Southern Yorkshire city of Sheffield this weekend visiting family.  Sheffield, became an industrial hub during the 19th century and gained an international reputation
for steel production.  Many innovations were developed locally such as the non corroding, non rusting ingenuity of stainless steel.

Since I dream about living in a large open-plan warehouse surrounded by weathered materials, organic textures and subtle earthy hues, I thoroughly enjoyed day dreaming while driving around the city viewing it’s enthralling industrial style.

Industry aside, this city is also full of hidden colour in quiet places.  A mix and match of colours from bright vibrant reds and yellow to deep blues and oranges.  Northern England you are unique.

Old fashioned street lighting.

Humming the Coronation Street theme tune couldn’t be helped.

(Photography / Laura Thomas)

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