Behind the Scenes at a Laura Thomas Linens Photo Shoot.

According to an up-to-the-minute source for search engine optimisation (otherwise known as getting well ranked by search engines) web photography and the use of videos are areas that businesses should utilise and focus more on.  Good imagery helps improve client conversion but more importantly give the customer a clear view of what they are actually buying.  A good photo should allow the viewer to actually feel the product as well as the brand’s style behind what they are viewing.  Pulling together a shoot for your own company can be timely and expensive.  In the ecommerce world good photography creates sales and improved brand image.  It is for this reason that sales of images from sites like istock and shutterstock have increased, not only in numbers but also recently in price.

When I plan a shoot for Laura Thomas Linens the room used for the photography of all bedding is very important.   It must reflect the image behind my company and also the style in which I project.  There is far more work imaginable in getting just one usable shot. On average, getting that one shot, the shot you know is a winner when you see it, takes between 2-3 hours.  Each set of linen needs four winners, so you can image the time it takes to style and re-style to get it just right.

I was out yesterday at a stunning location in the Bay of Islands.  Driftwood is a place that sums itself up very well.  It truly is ‘a place to dream’.  With two incredibly well equipped baches, a couple of private beaches, horse riding, walks and some of the best views out towards islands and Russell in the distance, there is no wonder it is booked up all year round.  ‘The Bach’ was where we were shooting and the attention to detail, uncommonly found in New Zealand Baches, was everywhere.  There was an actual coffee machine in the kitchen for guests and I loved how host Vanessa had a big Tupperware tub filled with over sized fluffy pink and white marshmallows and bamboo skewers so guests could re-live the memories of childhood fun over the barbecue.

All-in-all a great day, at an amazing place, with the help of another Scottish Laura, who’s assistance, humour and photography skills made the day.  Many thanks to both Laura and of course the Owens’ for the use of their gorgeous Bach.

Grapefruit freshly picked from my garden.

Stockholm Stitch, the new organic collection arriving soon.

Classic Hand Embroidered Collection, Vintage Ladderstitch.

(Images / Laura Thomas / Laura Jerome)

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