What Your Bed Says About You.

We all know a bedroom is a very personal space where we go to relax and revive.  But what does your bed say about you?  According to expert analysis a bed can mimic your inner being.  Have a look at the images below and see which one you connect with.


(image via /decordots.com)
If you prefer the minimalist look then your more likely creative and open minded.  You tend avoid conflict and like to leave the complications of our modern world behind after shutting your eyes.  This straight forward style shows you are direct and possibly good at saying what’s on your mind.

Cozy Comfort
(image via pinterest.com)
Styling your bed with physical and emotional comfort, using items such as quilts and cushions says that relationships are important to you.  Your sentimental and loyal and love items with history or a story behind them.
Feminine and Fun

(image via designcastle.com)

(image via zunetop.com)
Having a bed that is girly and fun suggests you love being pampered.  You are outgoing and creative.  Eye catching attension to detail means you thrieve in groups and are not afraid to be the centre of attension.  
Mix & Match
 (image via finnishdesignshop.com)
A rumpled bed, made up with ease suggests a laid back personality.  Often not sweating the small stuff, you are relaxed with yourself.  A mix and match of pillowcases and duvets covers proposes spontaneity and composition.
So what’s your style?  Bear in mind that the style of your bed doesn’t have to be solely to the taste of one partner.. 
 (image via designkastle.com)

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