Myth behind Thread Count

I was recently asked about ‘Thread Count’.  All Laura Thomas Linens are 400 Thread Count.  What does this actually mean? 

TC is the number of threads woven together in a square inch.  It is the count of threads both lengthwise (warp) to width-wise (weft). 

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Therefore 400 would be 200 threads horizontally to 200 threads woven vertically.

Thread counts have become somewhat of a marketing con.  Consumers are led to believe the higher the thread count the greater the quality.  This is not the case.  TC of 400 is the highest quality.  To get higher than 400, manufacturers are not just counting each thread but each fiber (called plies) that make up each thread.  Or to put it far less technically, threads are split and woven together to up the numbers.

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 At LTL we are passionate about quality and not quantity.  We have sourced the highest quality cotton from Vietnam and have had our linen made to the highest 400 TC weave.  We believe you can’t beat a good nights sleep, its food for the brain and comfortable sheets are where it starts.

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