Likes and Dislikes


🙂  Pictures on  “”  New shop Collected, Bloc, 20    Normandy Road, Mt Eden Auckland.

🙂 Op shops.  Found treasure this weekend for forthcoming LTL stock….. will keep you guessing….

 🙂 – seriously wicked Italian interiors.

 (Images via
🙂 New song by Auckland band “Avalanche City” called Sunset.  Makes me get up and dance round my office, its gorgeous!  Please copy and paste into your browser its such a pick-me-up:    
🙁  Old bikes leaning against fireplaces as a feature – interior faux pas please!
🙁  My shiney new fridge that beeps when the door is left open, maybe I want you open.
🙁  When I cut just a little too much off my toe nail before painting….
🙁  Gordon v Jamie at Airports – who the bleep cares – get over it lads.

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