My White Bedroom.

I have a confession to make.  I am totally obsessed with white bedrooms. 

Having discovered pinterest ( whereby images can be pinned to a board you create, I am loving trailing through websites for interesting images of white beautiful bedrooms.  Check out my boards “Laura Thomas”.

A bedroom is a place where we can go to unwind, sleep.  In the busy world in which we live we need a place to relax, let our brains rest.  In my opinion a bedroom should be as simple as possible.  I have just currently moved into a new house.  Its a 1920’s colonial villa in New Zealand.  It needs a lot of love.  The Master Bedroom has been redecorated.  Colour is……yip, its all white.  The original sash and cash windows have been loving restored, wallpaper removed. Grey paint under wallpaper has been painted white.  It has become such a plain room.  No curtains, nor blinds.  I want to sleep under the stars and see them when I wake in the night.  I want colour from objects, not walls.  Colour from the outside coming in.  A place to relax with the Sunday papers and a good strong Flat White.  Here are a few pictures from my new room….

(Photography / Laura Thomas)

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