Sandalwood + Mandarin Scent Diffuser Refill


Sandalwood + Mandarin Scent Diffuser Refill

A sophisticated scent diffuser comprising of the spicy woody scent of Sandalwood and the sweet citrus scent of Mandarin. An unforgettable pairing which perfectly balances sweet and spicy. Best suited for living areas and bedroom

Top up your Sandalwood + Mandarin Scent Diffuser Bottle with this 250ml easy to use refill pouch with replacement reed sticks.

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Product Description

Our Sandalwood + Mandarin scent diffuser refill is perfect for topping up your favourite Laura Thomas Co scent! The refill is easy to use and contains 250ml of product, you will also receive a new set of reed sticks to maintain a good scent throw. The cap can be easily reapplied if you are only partially refilling your bottle.

Sandalwood is a sophisticated, spicy, woody scent. Matched with the distinctive citrus smell of Mandarin this scent combination is a perfect balance of sweet and spice.

All of the generous Laura Thomas Co scent diffusers are designed to last over 12 weeks!

We have designed our reed diffusers to be minimalist so that they can blend into any home. They look great on a side table, on a window sill or on a shelf! Due to their design, you’ll be able to work it into any part of your home!

There is nothing worse than buying a candle, diffuser or perfume that loses it’s scent after a short period of time. We only use oils for our products so the scent will stay strong until the product runs out. A Laura Thomas Co 250ml scent diffuser usually lasts around 12 weeks and after that you can refill it or reuse your bottle for something else. You can also purchase a candle with the same scent for the winter months!

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2 reviews for Sandalwood + Mandarin Scent Diffuser Refill

  1. Hayley Kirkpatrick (verified owner)

    I loved the refil for my diffuser, I always hated throwing away my old bottle, seemed like such a waste. I am really impressed with how this oil disperses through my home without becoming too overpowering. I know I’m home as soon as I open the door and smell the beautiful, relaxing aroma of my sandalwood and mandarin….such a wonderful combination!

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Haley thank you so much for taking to time to leave a comment. I’m very grateful. I’m so happy to know you love your refill and that is works so well for you. We are really passionate about recycling and zero waste so it’s always great to hear that this system is working so well for you. Love Laura xx

  2. Elisabeth Hadden (verified owner)

    I love this diffuser and have bought another to spread the scent through the house. It gives love little burst of scent when you least expect it. Unlike some diffusers it last, it’s doesnt evaporate too quickly.

    • Laura Thomas

      Hi Elisabeth, Thank you so much for your lovely feedback. We are so happy you love the scent of your diffuser! Enjoy. Love Kate x

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