Replacement Bottle


Replacement Bottle

Keep your Laura Thomas Co products looking fresh by purchasing a replacement bottle.

Sustainability is incredibly important to us and we want to make it easy for you to do your bit at home. We have designed our bottles to last as long as possible but sometimes accidents happen and they get broken, or the labels start to get a little tatty after multiple refills and use. When your bottle begins to look like it’s needing a bit of TLC, purchase your replacement bottle and recycle your old one.

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It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with sustainability at Laura Thomas Co. We like to find different ways of reducing waste and keeping the planet happy. We’re so delighted that our customers love our toiletries so much that they use our refill pouches to help with this. Overtime, the labels on our bottles can become a bit worn with use. 

How else can I help the planet?

Other than using our refill products and replacement bottles, there are loads of ways to be more sustainable!


Our relationship with single-use plastic is long overdue a review. The mentality of the global population has led to 300 million tonnes of single use plastic being made every year. In the UK, we rack up just over 2.5 billion coffee cups in a year. If you lined all of these up, they could go round the planet five and a half times. And that’s just the statistic for coffee cups – mad! By opting to use a refill instead of buying a new bottle, you’re helping to reduce the impact on the planet as well as your bank account. Win win!

Our refills come in a 500ml pouch which is the perfect size for refilling your bottle or you can get a few refills into your minis! For every refill purchased, we save a bottle!

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Flowers + Wood Hand Wash, Citrus + Herb Shower Wash, 'Senses' Citrus + Herb Hand & Body Lotion, Pink Grapefruit Shampoo, Pink Grapefruit Conditioner, Forest Hand Wash, Forest Hand + Body Lotion, Citrus + Herb Bubble Bath


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