Lavender Scent Diffuser


lavender room diffuser
Lavender Scent Diffuser

This signature Laura Thomas Co diffuser, made with pure Lavender essential oil provides a delicate and calming fragrance to any living or sleeping space.

Our scent diffusers are made with natural ingredients of Essential Oils and Glycerol. That’s it! Both ingredients are derived from natural ingredients!

Lavender oil when inhaled is known to help reduce heart rate and increase blood circulation which in turn enhance relaxation.

Generous size, designed to last over 12 weeks.

Comes with 5 black fibre reeds, for ultimate scent throw.

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Product Description

I’m so proud to shout the roof down about the fact my Lavender Scent Diffuser is made with 100% natural botanicals.

So why did I deliberately source an all natural product, down to the 100% recycled packaging?

Well, I’m not one to follow the crowds, it has to be different and it has to be better!

So creating a product that was away from the norm was my aim.  There are so many companies out there today making scent diffusers to add to their brand.  But how many can actually say they are chemical free?  How many can claim to give you no headaches (from the synthetic fragrance)?  Or create a scent in your home as if you were walking though a field of lavender?  Not that many.  In fact hardly any.

How to use your Lavender Scent Diffuser

  1. Gently twist the cap off the top of your fragrance oil bottle.
  2. The Porex eReed diffuser sticks have been specially engineered for high performance.  Once placed into the oil, mix for 10 seconds, then gently flip putting the dry end back into the scented oil.
  3. Gently flip regularly. 1-2 times a week.
  4. Your scent diffuser will last over 12 weeks (this will depend on how warm your home is, it could last longer).


Lavender Scent Diffuser Refill available.  Shop Refills.

Additional Information

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Lavender Diffuser

Bottle, Bottle + Refill Combo

1 review for Lavender Scent Diffuser

  1. Shona (verified owner)

    I’m really impressed with this. Have had it about a month now and the scent is still just as strong as when I first opened it. Great size as well for the price and looks lovely. My only gripe is that you need to be very careful not to knock it over as it’s totally open at the top. Other than that though all good and I will definitely buy again!

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