Lemon + Peppermint Scent Diffuser


100% natural LTCO Scent Diffuser with 5 Porex eReed Black Diffuser Sticks.

Our scent diffusers are made with 2 ingredients.  Essential Oils and Glycerol.  That’s it!  Both ingredients are 100% natural.

Made with essential oils of pressed Lemon peel and fresh Mint leaves.

Lemon essential oil helps lift moods and decrease depression.

Peppermint essential oil helps unclog sinuses & has the ability to relax tense muscles easing tension headaches.

The scent combined is fresh, uplifting, soft on the nose and is a great scent for both male and female and for communal spaces within your home or office.  Lasts beyond 12 weeks. 250ml.

“I was introduced to Laura Thomas Co when we had a family holiday at Dod Mill in the Borders. Our holiday home had a full range of LTCO products available including toiletries, towels and diffusers, clearly a company operating at the luxury end of the market. A small Scottish independent business based in East Lothian where we originate – another draw!  As a reminder of such a fab week I decided to order a couple of Lemon and Peppermint diffusers as I associated the scent with such a wonderful relaxing week. These are fantastic!  Every time I open our front door I’m reminded of our holiday which is wonderful.  The products arrived, beautifully packed and very promptly too. I can’t wait to visit the North Berwick shop in person”. Karen Donaldson.
“I love that the ingredients are basic ie you can make something beautiful without all the chemicals. I love that they are made in Scotland and you have a great brand design. Also my husband loved the smell (of lemon + peppermint) and trust me that is a compliment as he has Aspergers and is very sensitive to certain smells”. Elaine.
“I love the Lemon + Peppermint Scent Diffuser.  I have tried a few types and the smell isn’t as strong or lasts as long”.  Trish.

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