Lemon + Peppermint Scent Diffuser


Lemon + Peppermint Scent Diffuser
Lemon + Peppermint Scent Diffuser

Continually a customer favourite scent combination. The Lemon + Peppermint diffuser is both energising and uplifting. It is guaranteed to freshen up any space in the home but is best situated in hallways, kitchens and bathrooms.

Made with 100% natural botanics, Laura Thomas Co make sure you’re never releasing nasty chemicals into the air.

Generous size, designed to last over 12 weeks

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“I was introduced to Laura Thomas Co when we had a family holiday at Dod Mill in the Borders. Our holiday home had a full range of LTCO products available including toiletries, towels and diffusers, clearly a company operating at the luxury end of the market. A small Scottish independent business based in East Lothian where we originate – another draw!  As a reminder of such a fab week I decided to order a couple of Lemon and Peppermint diffusers as I associated the scent with such a wonderful relaxing week. These are fantastic!  Every time I open our front door I’m reminded of our holiday which is wonderful.  The products arrived, beautifully packed and very promptly too. I can’t wait to visit the North Berwick shop in person”. Karen Donaldson.
“I love that the ingredients are basic ie you can make something beautiful without all the chemicals. I love that they are made in Scotland and you have a great brand design. Also my husband loved the smell (of lemon + peppermint) and trust me that is a compliment as he has Aspergers and is very sensitive to certain smells”. Elaine.
“I love the Lemon + Peppermint Scent Diffuser.  I have tried a few types and the smell isn’t as strong or lasts as long”.  Trish.

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Product Description

Lemon + peppermint scent diffuser

This Lemon + Peppermint scent diffuser is seriously refreshing.

Perfect for use in a hallway or bathroom.  The scent of peppermint is very uplifting and coupled with lemon creates a beautiful smell.  I chose this scent combination as it’s so fresh and invigorating.  It’s neither more male nor female focused, which makes it a great scent to have throughout the house.

Who doesn’t like the scent of a freshly cut lemon or of the sweet, herbaceous smell of mint.  Fill your home with these wonderful aromas.  Great for areas of the house that need an extra clean smell, such as a boot room, dog area, loo or hallways.

How to use your Lemon + Peppermint scent diffuser:

1) Gently twist the cap off the top of your fragrance oil bottle.

2) The Porex eReed diffuser sticks have been specially engineered for high performance.  Once placed into the oil, mix for 10 seconds, then gently flip putting the dry end back into the scented oil.

3) Gently flip regularly. 1-2 times a week.

4) Your scent diffuser will last over 12 weeks (this will depend on how warm your home is, it could last longer).

5) Remember to refill. Now available as a subscription for hassle free top ups.

Refill here
lemon + peppermint scent diffuser refill
So why did I deliberately source a 100% all natural product, down to the 100% recycled packaging?

Well, I’m not one to follow the crowds, it has to be different and it has to be better!

So creating a product that was away from the norm was my aim. There are so many companies out there today making scent diffusers to add to their brand.  But how many can actually say they are chemical free?  How many can claim to give you no headaches (from the synthetic fragrance)?  Or create a scent in your home as if you were cutting lemons and smelling mint? Not that many. In fact hardly any.

Additional Information

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Lemon + Peppermint Diffuser

Bottle, Bottle + Refill Combo

3 reviews for Lemon + Peppermint Scent Diffuser

  1. Fifi Friendly

    I first experienced this diffuser in our holiday rental…. I am totally obsessed with it. Fresh, invigorating, inviting and just totally simply gorgeous. Hoping to recreate this scent by buying one for my own home. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

    • Laura Thomas

      Wow Fi! What an amazing review. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Love, Laura x

  2. Alexandra (verified owner)

    The diffuser was being used in a cafe women’s toilet and I had searched and searched for somewhere to buy it as I’ve never experienced a scent so natural, fresh and effective. I usually shy away from any air fresheners but love this. It’s totally worth the money but maybe once a year as a treat as it is a little above my price range.

    • Laura Thomas

      What a great review Alexandra! Thank you so much for your kind words. Love, Laura x

  3. rhonapennie (verified owner)

    Using this diffuser in our kitchen. Fills the room with a lovely fresh natural scent. I especially like that it is made with 100% natural botanics. Perfect for a kitchen.

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