10 Ways to Improve Your Bathroom

So what can you do to improve your bathroom?  Whether like me you have had it recently installed (we recently renovated a part of our house for personal use that used to be a two bedroom holiday apartment) or you feel it needs a refresh?

1/ Tame the Clutter

Let’s start with something simple and doesn’t cost anything.  It’s easy to collect bottles and small toiletries over the years.  So go through your shelves and cupboards and keep, toss, recycle or give away anything that is old or not used.  Clear your surfaces to only have a few items on display such as a hand wash bottle or perfume.

2/ Bring in Fresh Scents

It’s easy to forget about the scent diffuser that’s in the corner near the loo that’s long gone and has been empty for a while.  Why not buy a refill for it or refresh the scent with a new diffuser.  Try our Lemon + Peppermint scent diffuser for the ultimate refreshing unisex scent.

3/ Switch out your Towels

A new set of Towels somehow has the ability to jumpstart a bathroom refresh.  Add a pop of colour with our Multicoloured Spot Bath Towels which will add a fun yet stylish pop of colour to any sized bathroom.

4/ Add in Storage

Assuming you’ve taken the time to declutter, add in storage baskets, shelves, or a wall hung medicine cabinet to hide and store items.

Baskets are a personal choice for putting extra loo roll or hand towels in and they look great too!

5/ Update your Bath Mats

We recently bought Bath Mats from Habitat and bought some bright and fun mats that have added a pop of colour and fun to both our bathrooms.  We also use Moroccan rugs as Bath Mats that have lasted so long as they are so durable and seem to dry quickly.

6/ Add some Greenery

A simple way to bring life back to a space, even a bathroom, is to add some greens. Add them to your vanity or shelving, hang them from the wall, or fill a corner of the room. If your bathroom gets little to no natural light, add some dried twigs or dried flowers.

7/ Hang some Art

Putting art on the walls makes your bathroom feel more like an actual living space.  I always like to add affordable framed prints or other pieces that won’t mind a little humidity here and there.

Or add original art works that are created not on canvas.

8/ Swap out the Hardware

It’s amazing what replacing a tap or changing the knobs on the cupboard does to a bathroom.  It’s an inexpensive upgrade.

9/ Throw on some fresh Paint

This might be more for homeowners, but painting is always a great option for the budget-conscious makeover.

10/ Change your Builder’s Grade Mirror!

This should absolutely be on your list of upgrades. Taking down a generic, ugly old vanity mirror in exchange for something more high-end and modern can make a huge difference.

Bathroom mirrors have this strange ability to stand out as a focal point.  Go with what works for your style, space, and budget – you won’t be disappointed!

Invest in our pure Cotton hand and bath Towels to add a pop of colour and a unique design edge to your bathroom no matter what size it is.

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