How Scent, Emotion & Memory are Intertwined

Did you know that scent is so powerful and can really shift your mood?

Smell and emotion intertwine and can be saved in our brain’s software for years.  Apparently scents that soothed children can continue to alleviate stress and anxiety for the entirety of adulthood. 

Certain smells, both good and bad, have a way of transporting us back to specific moments in our lives. Likely, you can even call one to mind right now.  For examples a childhood friend whose mother always had pink lily’s in her hallway. Every time the house was entered it smelled of pink lily’s in full bloom, creating very joyous childhood memories connected to fun.


The Phenomenon of Olfactory Memory.

The exceptional ability of scents to stir up memories and emotions has prompted neurosurgeons to examine the phenomenon of olfactory memory. The brain stores aromas and feelings as a single memory. So intimately these areas linked together evoke happiness.

When a guest walks in your home, what do you think the first thing they notice is?  Not the lovely sideboard or amazing entrance.  Yip you guessed it.  The smell.  How your home smells can leave a big impression, so your home’s scent is just as important as its appearance.

I am absolutely obsessed with smell and have been from a young age.  Recently I was driving alongside a mass of wild gorse and had to pull over. The smell of those bright yellow flowers was incredible.  I also can’t walk past a rose bush with out giving it a good sniff.

Introducing a pleasant ambient scent to your home is one of the most effective ways to enhance mood and wellbeing.  As well as making your home smell amazing. Smelling lavender for example can help relaxation when we are stressed.  Peppermint or citrus can perk us up. Also Rose can renew a sense of balance and calm.

What scent do use in your home?

In my home I currently have three LTCO Lemon + Peppermint scent diffusers dotted around the two main living spaces in the kitchen and the living room.  The scent is so fresh and uplifting.  Every time I return home the smell of this makes me feel energised and uplifted.

Scent and memory are so connected.  I hope my children will grow up to be as fascinated and mesmerised by scent as I am!  They certainly haven’t lacked smelling different scents in our home that’s for sure! 

Laura XOXO

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