My Change to Natural Shampoo and Conditioner

There is a misconception that natural shampoo and conditioner doesn’t clean hair as well as conventional shampoo and conditioners.  This isn’t true!

I have been using our LTCO Pink Grapefruit Shampoo and Pink Grapefruit Conditioner daily and here is a little timeline of my findings when making the full switch to natural haircare;


Laura’s Diary

Hair type:  Long non dyed hair that has dry ends as it hasn’t been cut for around 9 months.

Hair condition at the start of the diary: Dry ends with roots that get greasy if not daily washed.

Day 1 – 5

Initially the shampoo felt like it was drying my hair.  After rinsing it out, my hair felt crisp and squeaky (which I was unsure of) however at the same token, it also felt very clean.  The conditioner felt very moisturising after use.  I left my hair a few times to air dry and a couple of times blown dry.  Both left my hair looking dry.


Day 6 – 10

The shampoo started feeling like it was softening my hair more.  I did a bit of reading and found out that natural shampoo doesn’t contain lathering agents.  t is advised to use the shampoo twice before conditioning, which I then started doing.  Conventional shampoo’s actually strip the hair of the natural oils, where as natural shampoos work with the natural oils to help condition your hair.  The conditioner has no change from the first five days and was still beautifully moisturising my hair.


Day 11 – 15

By day 15 I went back to using the shampoo once before conditioning.  The natural shampoo and conditioner has worked so well with my hair and to be honest I’m super happy with the results.  My hair feels like it is in such a better condition.  Much better than it was prior to taking diary notes on using the  natural shampoo and conditioner daily.  My hair feels soft and shiny.  Again I have air dried and blow dried my hair and both feel soft when dry.



Natural shampoo and conditioner Results

We have always had LTCO Pink Grapefruit Shampoo and Conditioner in our shower (since it was launched in 2020) and I have jumped in and out of using it and conventional haircare products.  Up until a few weeks ago I have never used it full time.  Why?  Because initially when I first used it I wasn’t so keen and thought my hair type might not be suited to it as I tend to have thin and limp hair so jumped between natural and chemical for the past few years.

After the initial use my hair felt dry and slightly frizzy and at the same time a little greasy.  It is absolutely true that there is a transition period when moving to natural haircare.  After I did a bit of research it appears that for some people this can be a week, others a month and some up to six weeks.  This is because of the body’s over-production of natural oils.  Our body aims compensate for the natural oils that were stripped when using conventional synthetic shampoos, which often leaves behind residue. The body has to learn that it no longer needs to over produce natural oils as the natural shampoo and conditioner actually helps retain its natural moisture and enhances the overall texture and appearance of the hair.

After I got through the transition period my hair honestly feels in much better conditioner.  My ends are definitely not so dry.  My hair overall feels softer and much more shiner.   I can’t recommend the switch.  For me there is no going back!

I’m now going to experiment with washing my hair every two days rather than daily..


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