January 2022 Movie Guide

January is the ultimate month here in the UK to cosy up and feast on some great movies and series. It’s the perfect time to relax beneath a warm wool blanket and light your favourite candle, put your PJ’s on, make a good brew and totally relax.


Here’s our current recommendations from the LTCO team:


Laura Loved:



♡ The Tourist. Netflix. Thriller set in the Australian Outback.  The scenery alone is just what you need to brighten January!  Great story line and will produced with 6 episodes to keep you gripped and focused on what’s going on!





♡ Crazy, Stupid, Love.  Netflix.  An oldie but a goodie.  Funny and lighthearted with a lovely moral.  It’s a feel good one with we thoroughly enjoyed in front of the fire between Christmas and New Year!




Molly Loved:


♡ Don’t Look Up.  Netflix. There have been mixed reviews about this movie which is ultimately about climate change.  We recommend you google it to find out before watching so you go into with an understanding of the seriousness they are trying to portray.  We loved the clever humour as it pokes fun at the hilarity of American Politics, tech firms and the stupidity of some humans.



♡ Great British Scandal.  BBC. Based on the true story of the Duke and Duchess of Argyll.   Was he a gold digger?  Was she slut shamed during that era which maybe she would be today?  An interesting watch.


Millie Loved:


♡ Vikings. Prime.  Made for the History Channel about the Vikings and how they started invading the UK and Europe with a great story running through it.  Even if you are not into medieval dramas (like me) you will love this (I’ve watched it too and it’s great).  The story line is honestly brilliant and you do end up really loving some of the characters.  How could you not love the star Ragnor Luthbrook?




♡ Palm Springs.  Netflix.  An easy going rom com that’s easy to fall in love with and very feel good.  It’s on my list for this weekend!





♡ Handmaid’s Tale.  Prime.  A binge worthy series that is dark and thought provoking.  Always on the edge of your seats and always the will she get caught or won’t she we all agreed this is good, although rather dark.  It has won an array of awards.  We recommend watching one full season to see if it’s for you.







♡ Maid.  Netflix.  A great series about a single mum making her way through life. It’s an emotional and powerful drama inspired by the bestselling memoir Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay and a Mother’s Will to Survive by Stephanie Land.


Enjoy love Laura ✖︎

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