LT Co. AW21: Wool Blankets + Cushions

Our AW21 Textiles range is all about bringing warmth into your home with our wool blankets and cushions. Living in Scotland means keeping warm in the winter months is a priority and our AW21 range is the place to start!

We’ve sourced some gorgeous wool blankets and cushions from a factory in the Serra region of Portugal. Sustainability is something that is incredibly important to the factory and so we knew instantly that we wanted to work with them on our latest range. We’ve launched two different cushion covers and two blankets. The blankets are heavier than our summer ones making them perfect for the colder months! Keep reading to find out more about the sustainability of the  factory!

Our AW21 range are made of 100% wool from sheep who live locally to the factory. Due to their location, the grass that they graze on causes a softer wool to be produced. This means a fluffier, softer product for you! The factory also makes sure that the sheep are all well looked after and that they are sheared manually. This means that there is no distress for the animal. Any leftover wool is recycled and used. It’s all zero waste!

We want our products to bring you joy in your home. We chose bright colours for our cushion covers and blankets to help with this! Laura’s favourite is our before sunset cushion cover and the good times blanket – it’s happy vibes all round!


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