How to Find the Perfect Rug

With so many different textures, shapes and sizes, deciding on a rug can be difficult. Here are our top tips that we swear by when scoping out a new one!

A rug brings warmth, comfort and style, so its impact should never be underestimated. We use lots of rugs in our house and holiday accommodation, especially under beds, to add layers to a room, and make walking around barefoot feel homely. Keep reading for our top tips when buying a new rug.

Colour is Everything

Buy by colour, not construction. Don’t worry about the technical elements, such as whether it’s hand-tied. Depending on the style of your home, opt for a neutral colour such as our Black X Rug. Sticking to a simple colour pallet will make it versatile enough to fit into any room!

Keep it Practical!

Areas with a lot of footfall require a rug that’s hardy and, ideally, hides stains well. Generally speaking, shorter pile rugs are better positioned in hallways where lots of people will be walking. Opt for hand-knotted over hand-tufted in these areas, because they’re less likely to shed. Also, choose a patterned design, as it’s more forgiving when something is spilt!

Proper padding

Thinner, flat-woven rugs have a tendency to slip around on wooden floors. Prevent any accidents by laying down padded underlay to keep them in place.

Happy Shopping!

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