Welcome Autumn into your Home 🍁

We’ve rolled into September and Autumn is most definitely on the way! Time for Pumpkin Spiced Lattes! The changing of the seasons can be a funny time. I know I definitely find the darker evenings and mornings a bit of an adjustment. This year, we want you to welcome Autumn into your life and home. And this is how you do it!

Candles, Candles + More Candles!

There’s nothing quite like an Autumn evening spent nestled under blankets with the gentle flicker of a candle. They add so much warmth to the darker nights. Scent your home with an LT candle every evening – we light ours at 5pm! At this time of year, our Wood candle is my favourite. It makes me think of walks on the beach or in native Scottish forests.

Take Some Time for Yourself

Keeping cosy and relaxed are the keys to Autumn becoming your favourite season! Our Lavender Bath Salts are the best for putting you into a relaxed mindset. Self care is so important but particularly when we move into the cooler months. It can take a bit of time to get used to the cold weather. Anything you can do to stay relaxed will definitely help! For your next bath, get it to the perfect temperature and add a generous helping of the salts. You’ll never look back!

Bath salts

Sleep is Key

It’s no secret that good sleep is one of the most important things for your wellbeing. Our Lavender Pillow Mist will help you drift off to a peaceful slumber at the end of a busy day. After a good nights sleep, you’ll feel ready to face the day – even if Scotland is throwing all 4 seasons at you!

Feel more ready to welcome Autumn into your home? It’ll soon become your favourite season! 🍁

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