Laura Thomas Co. Coastal Candle ‘Sand’

Which Coastal candle is ‘Sand’?

The Coastal Candle named sand, is a citrusy fresh scent to take you make to those days spent at the beach. Notes of Bergamot, Lavender, Pine and Lemongrass our Coastal Candle ‘Sand’ captures the feeling of Scottish sand between your toes when the scent of sea grass is in the air. Each candle has been carefully handmade in house at the LT workshop in North Berwick. The scent of ‘Sand’ will transport you back in time to simpler days spent laughing by the seaside.


Sand, transporting you back to the beach in these uncertain times.


Where do we take inspiration from?

We take our inspiration from what surrounds us here in North Berwick, Scotland. From walks along the beach and into the woods, inspiration engulfs us. All yer round the beach here acts as an escape, in those summer months we vacate there for BBQs, swims and so much more. In winter, we go to the beach to escape the ever darkening days and to get fresh air. Currently, the beach has been a god send, in the midst of a pandemic we are so lucky to live beside such an incredible place. With outdoor exercise still allowed it allows a mental and physical escape. If there was a scent that captures that feeling, the freedom, it is ‘sand’. For thsoe who live further afield light this candle and imagine those days on a beach, they will be back soon but for now, let the candle take you back.


beach photo

Don’t worry this was well before covid! I am sure, we are all looking forward to these days again!

About the Sand Candle…

The Sand candle is packaged in a soft grey FSC approved box. Here at Laura Thomas Co. we believe in minimising our carbon footprint as much as we can. All of candles are fully plant based and natural. Hand poured soy wax and essential oils make up our Coastal candle Range, with a cotton wick. As well as having a recyclable lid, this candle is as eco friendly as we can make it. Once you finish your candle we advice you wash out the wax, clean it and make it into a collectable water tumbler. There are exciting things on the horizon for LT Co. so keep an eye out!

Sand Candle –

Keep your head up!

Times are tough at the moment but escape to happier times with candles reminding you of those memories. With the vaccine being rolled out i cant help but think we are closer to saying goodbye to this mess. So keep going. We’ve got this!


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