Climate Change in 2021

This morning, the IPCC published their report on climate change. As a company that champions sustainability, the findings of this report are obviously worrying. So how can we change our lifestyles to make a difference?

Make Your Voice Heard

One of the main contributors to climate change is fossil fuels. The burning of oil, gas and coal omits an enormous amount of carbon which contributes to global warming. Whilst you may not be able to make a change instantly, there are ways you can help! Write to your local MP, city mayor or local councillor and tell them how important preventing global warming is.

Eat Less Meat + Dairy

It’s fairly well known that red meat carries a hefty carbon footprint. By reducing your meat and dairy intake, you can really contribute to the solution. Studies have even shown that having a more plant based, fibre rich diet is better for you! Start planning your meals and eat what’s in season. Planning your weekly shop will also help to minimise waste.

Cut Out The Car

We all love the flexibility of having a car and being able to get from A to B without really having to think about it. However, cars really aren’t that great for the environment or our health. Studies have shown that the air pollution caused by them can harm new borns and lead to dementia. So why not try a walk or public transport instead? If driving is essential, look at car sharing schemes, hybrid cars or fully electric cars. They’re cost effective and not as harmful to the planet.

Make Your Home Greener

In an ideal world, we would all have double glazing and more energy efficient homes. Until we get there, try these energy saving hacks – they’ll reduce your bills as well! Add an extra later and turn the heating down by a couple of degrees. Buy a water efficient shower head, turn off appliances and lights when you’re not using them and replace your lightbulbs with LEDs.

Consume Less

This is the most important one. Recycling will only go so far in minimising plastic waste. Purchase less and create less waste. Buy refillable products, invest in clothes that will last and buy a shopping bag so that you’re not picking a new one up every week.

If we all muck in and make some changes, we can make a difference to the speed of climate change.

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