Why You Should Incorporate Lavender Into Your Every Day Life

Incorporating Lavender Oil into your every day life

Lavender oil is known for reducing stress and anxiety, reducing depression, improving sleep quality and enhancing brain functions. Lavender comes in many forms, from lavender oil to tea. Many people know that lavender is good and beneficial but not enough people know to use it in the right way.

lavender diffuser

Our Lavender Diffuser has essential oils of lavender making it fully natural and plant based.

When should you use Lavender?

Here at Laura Thomas Co. we use essential lavender oil in some of our products. This helps promotes sleep, recovery and help your skin stay strong and healthy. So to help you understand how our products will help you, below is each product explained.

  1. Lavender Scent Diffuser – Our LT Co. lavender scent diffuser is perfect to give off a subtle gentle scent of lavender. Using natural essential oil of lavender, this makes the product vegan and fully plant based. Smelling lavender is know to enhance brain functions and deter dementia. The smell of lavender is also a natural mood booster, helping you stay positive and happy even on those tough days.
  2. Lavender Bath Salts – These are perfect for a calming relaxing bath after a long day. Himalayan pink salts are infused with essential oil of lavender soothes your muscles and calms your body and mind down. Pour into your bath when the tap is on and swirl with your hand to get the full experience. The dried lavender buds infuse into the bath water to help soothe and reduce any skin inflammation. You wont regret putting these into your next bath.
  3. Lavender Pillow Mist – Our best selling Pillow Mist is the ingredient you are missing for the best nights sleep. Lavender oil acts as a natural sleep aid. Recommended to people with insomnia this natural aid helps you drift off to a place of tranquility. Making this product a must for your routine.


Bath salts

LT Co. Lavender bath salts, the perfect muscle relaxer after a long day.

Lavender before bedtime…

Our LT Co. lavender pillow mist is ideal to incorporate into you evening routine. Just before you climb into spray your pillow and linen. If you really want to explore the power of lavender oil you can try lavender tea. This lulls your body into a calm relaxed state perfect for drifting off to sleep.

Lavender Pillow Mist

Lavender Pillow Mist, the ideal sleep initiator. 

How to use the pillow spray…

Shake the bottle of several times until all the essential oil is mixed well. Next spray your pillow and linen with the pillow mist, don’t soak it but lightly cover it. Finally let it be absorbed and climb in to the scent of lavender, let the oil do its work and you will find yourself drifting off to sleep.

Where to buy natural products from?

Here at Laura Thomas Co., all our products are plant based and fully suitable for vegans. We pride ourselves on our eco friendly packaging, and reusable jars and bottles. So once you finish the product either come back for a refill, or use it as a smoothie bottle or water tumbler.

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