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What a lovely start to the week! As I sit writing this, there are blue skies over East Lothian and it feels as though Summer has finally arrived! Over the bank holiday weekend, I spent a lot of time on the beach in the sun. I think I speak for almost all Brits when I say that we worship the sun in the UK but it’s so important to think about skincare too! Long summer days on the beach can be damaging if you don’t have a good routine in place! 

Set the Scene

No bathroom is complete without a scent diffuser in the summer months! Our Flowers scent or Sandalwood + Mandarin will create a scent reminiscent of relaxing summer days in your bathroom.

For Those Who Like Baths

Fill your tub and add some LT Co. lavender bath salts. Lavender essential oil has healing properties for any sunburns that might have been picked up in the sun! It is a natural anti-inflammatory and can also soothe skin which has been bitten by midges!

And for those who don’t!

Don’t worry! There are plenty of other essential oil goodness in our Citrus + Herb Shower Wash! This product uses lemongrass essential oil which is antibacterial as well being anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and a natural pain reliever. Definitely one to try if you have any windburn, sunburn or your skin just needs a bit of TLC!

To Finish Everything Off

After bathing, soothe your skin with our Citrus + Herb Body Lotion. This scent has pine essential oil blended through it which has loads of benefits for your skin. Pine works to balance your skin and restore it to it’s best condition. It’s also thought to reduce the speed of wrinkles and ageing – hooray!


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