The Key Ingredient in our Tea Tree Hand Sanitiser

Tea Tree Hand sanitiser

What is the ‘Key’ ingredient?

The key ingredient in our leading hand sanitiser is tea tree. Tea tree is a small tree around 7m in height and originates from Australia. It holds so many health benefits, especially the oil, which is used in our Laura Thomas Co. hand sanitiser. Why do we use tea tree oil? We use this oil as it is a natural healer and helps treat infected skin wounds. It also strengthens nails and combats nail infections. Leaving your hands smooth after sanitising, it prevents the alcohol from hurting and damaging your hands. The right balance between killing bacteria and looking after those precious hands.


Tea Tree Hand sanitiser

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Facts about Tea Tree…

  1. Firstly, it acts as a natural insect repellent.
  2. Can be used as a deodorant. The antibacterial effect keeps odour under control and feeling fresh!
  3. Commonly used as a an antiseptic for minor cuts and scrapes.
  4. Accelerates wound healing and helps prevent a cut leaving a scar. Putting a little oil on a cotton bud and dabbing the area can help it to not leave a scar. 
  5. Natural remedy for helping fight acne. Reducing the severity or the appearance up to 6 times better than treatments claiming to get rid of Acne.
  6. With its disinfectant nature it is a great natural cleaner, leaving the place feeling fresh and bacteria free. 
  7. Sun burn treatment, the oil soothes skin inflammation and reduces swelling and redness. 
  8. Finally, it can control dandruff, the natural moisture in the oil keeps your scalp from being dry. These treatments can be purchased in most chemists and supermarkets. 


Tea Tree Hand sanitiser

Purchase online or in store to keep your hands clean and fresh. 

Why use the Laura Thomas Co. Tea Tree Hand Sanitiser?

LT Hand Sanitiser, made with 99.9% alcohol with antibacterial essential oil Tea Tree. Firstly we use this oil as it nourishes your hands and leaves them feeling incredibly cared for. Secondly, it leaves a strong, fresh, clean scent of tea tree. Perfect for your pocket or for school kids as our sanitiser has been carefully formulated to look after hands and not dry or crack them. This product is Paraben-free; Sulfate-Free, silicone-free, artificial colour-free. Pair it with the Flowers + Wood Hand Wash for the perfect clean hands duo! 


Flowers + Wood Hand Wash

Firstly wash your hands with LT CO. Flowers + Wood Hand Wash. Then follow this up when you are out and about, with the LT Co. Tea Tree Hand Sanitiser.

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