How to Run the Perfect Relaxing Bath

In times like these self-care is essential. The perfect bath is key to relaxation and breathing. There is no better feeling than finishing work, running a bath, and taking a breather. Baths are not only good for the mind but also the body. An hour-long bath at 38 degrees can burn on average 130 calories. The equivalent of a half an hour walk! Bathing warms the skin and muscles which causes a soothing effect and puts the body into a calm state ready for sleep.


Bath salts

LT Co. Bath Salts the secret ingredient missing to your perfect bath. Infused with lavender for complete relaxation.


So, how do you run the perfect bath in 9 simple steps?

  1. Gather all your bath time essentials. Find your Laura Thomas Lavender Bath Salts, a good book or magazine, some of our mini candles, and a cozy towel for afterward.
  2. Transform your bath by pouring the salts in while the tub fills. This will disperse and dissolve the salts evenly. If you’re going for the bubble bath add this in after your salts and watch the bubbles grow!
  3. Check the bath is the right temperature with your elbow. As this gives a more accurate feel of the water temperature than your hand will.
  4. Turn the lights down and light those mini (or big) Laura Thomas Plant-Based Candles and place them near the bath. The minis are perfect for this giving off a strong scent whilst omitting a calming glow.
  5. Take a drink to sip on whilst relaxing. Green tea has so many health benefits or treat yourself to a glass of wine! Place it close enough to reach but not close enough to fall in.
  6. Set your fluffy towel aside or put it on a radiator. So when you get out, you are engulfed in the warmth of the fluffy towel. Make sure your pj’s are nearby too.
  7. Climb in, lay back, and enjoy.
  8. Breathe in the natural lavender essential oil from the bath salts. Lavender has many benefits, it improves sleep, relieves stress, improves mood, and eases muscle pain.
  9. After your bath wrap yourself up in a Laura Thomas Terry Spot towel for maximum comfort!


Wrap yourself up in the LT Co. Terry spot towel.

Mini Candles

LT Co. mini candles are ideal for setting the calm environment. 

Whether you are running the bath for yourself, or a loved one you now know the ultimate way to relax and destress. Follow the links to find yourself the ingredients to the perfect bath. Enjoy!

Bath Salts –

Mini Candles –

Bath Towel –


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