Autumn Rituals: 4 Ways to Embrace Autumn

So what is embracing Autumn to you? 

Temperatures have dropped this week here in East Lothian. One minute it was 18 degrees and today there was a high of 11.5, and yes we felt it.

Whether you are on a local lockdown or social distancing there are many ways to embrace the turning of the season.  Creating daily or weekly rituals as we head into the colder seasons is a lovely way to make this transitional time as joyous as possible.  It’s about finding out what makes you happy and what floats your boat in terms of embracing Autumn.


1- Take Walks in Nature

Take a walk in nature, embracing autumn foliage and all the colours it produces.  Walking consciously through forests and woods is a form of mediation bringing our minds into the now, which in turn makes us happy.  Walking in forests is also known as forest bathing.

Forest bathing is the latest health and wellbeing craze to hit the UK. An import from Japan, it’s been greeted with equal parts enthusiasm and scepticism, much like sushi when it first arrived on British shores. No swimming is involved; the bathing part simply means using all of your senses to soak up the special atmosphere of the forest.

Shinrin-yoku was developed in the 1980s in Japan.  Although people had been taking walks in the country’s forests for centuries, new studies showed that such activity could reduce blood pressure, lower cortisol levels and improve concentration and memory. A chemical released by trees and plants, called phytoncides, was found to boost the immune system. As more research highlighted the benefits of shinrin-yoku, the Japanese government incorporated it into the country’s health programme.

2- Light Candles

Lighting candles is the ultimate ritual for embracing autumn.  Scented candles not only add cosiness and ‘coorie’ to your spaces they also scent your home to uplift and relax your senses.  Try woody, deep scented candles to set the winter mood.


3- Make a Fruit Crumble

Autumn can’t be Autumn without making a fruit crumble.  Pick some apples or brambles (blackberries) from the wild or buy some rhubarb and make yourself the ultimate comforting pud.  Enjoy in front of a movie snuggling under a blanket.


4- Make an Autumn Wreath

Come and join us at the LTHQ on the 10th October and make a seasonal Autumnal Wreath.  All foliage will be supplied from dried to freshly foraged.  Your wreath need not be for your door.  Make a wreath as a piece of art for your wall and make your home cosy and show off your artist skills.  Book via the WORKSHOP tab on the homepage.

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