Seasonal Shifts: Blankets for Autumn

Can you believe Autumn is here?  Was it not just a minute ago we were all indoors in lockdown?  AT LTCO we love to embrace the season and there is nothing better than a cozy under one of our Blankets for Autumn.

The Story Behind Our Herringbone Blankets

LTCO has evolved from plastic-free, chemical-free living.  At LTCO we are passionate about stylish, simple goods and scents for everyday slow living.

It was when I moved back from New Zealand in 2014, with my two little girls and was then a single Mum that slow living became a prominent theme in my life.  Every day was about taking one step at a time when single parenting and simultaneously developing the LTCO brand.

My life had changed.  From living outdoors in New Zealand with the kids to being more indoors during the Scottish Autumn and Winter months.  Our life in Scotland saw us loving movies together with popcorn and cuddles under blankets.  The weather in Scotland had slowed us down. 

We were spending more time indoors.  Knowing I wanted LTCO to focus on plastic-free, slow living, I realised my business must stock the best quality cotton blankets I could source.  Because every household needs blankets for autumn! 

Ethically Sourced

Back in 2017, LTCO started a partnership with a Turkish manufacturer to produce our beautiful Herringbone blankets.  We work directly with the company that is based near the Syrian Turkish border.  LTCO will never work with an intermediary company as it’s important to build a good relationship with who and where our outsourced products come from.  It also means we can pass on really good prices for really good quality textiles as we have cut out the middleman.

Blankets for Slow Living

Our Herringbone Blankets are 2m x 2.4m and are extra long as they have been designed to be multi-functional.  Use as a snuggle blanket while on the sofa, a throw over the end of the bed, as an outdoor blanket, or create a cozy interiors look with a blanket slung over chairs or a sofa arm.  Our blankets are made with top quality cotton, that will wear well. 

Personally, I love the fact that they can be popped in the washing machine on a cotton wash, line or tumble dried and look like new every time.  Especially important when used by kids and pets!

Available in Black, Grey, Orange, Mint, and Blue.  Shop here.


See how our Clients are using our Blankets

Rodger and Fleur use their Blue Herringbone Blanket in their garden in Gullane on cooler evenings.

Alison Gibb from Blog The Great Scottish Indoors uses her Black Herringbone Blanket in her outdoor Hammock.

Yoga Teacher, Sally from Kinship Yoga uses her Multi Coloured Blanket (coming back into stock in late Autumn) during her yoga classes.

Steph from Williamstone Farm Steadings uses her Black Herringbone Blankets as a cozy blanket.

Victoria uses her Blue Herringbone Blanket in her pool house at her home in Bermuda.


Local company Yumikeys used a Blue Herringbone Blankets to pop some babies on for a photoshoot recently.

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