Laura’s Pizza Dough Recipe

It’s late Saturday afternoon and I have to confess I’ve had the laziest day.  It has been bliss.  I’ve worked long hours this week and it took it’s toll yesterday and I vowed to give myself some rest today.  A late breakfast, reading, and even an afternoon nana nap have been just the ticket.  I’m feeling nearly normal again.  Does anyone else push themselves to their limits and end up literally falling over too?  As much as I say I will change my ways, this is a habit I can’t change.

I gave my pizza dough recipe to Alison Gibb who runs blog The Great Scottish Indoors recently.  She posted a pic of her pizza creations on Instagram, tagging me in and I’ve had quite a few people as for the recipe so here is it;

You will need:

500g Strong Flour (I often use 50% strong white and 50% strong wholemeal).

14g Salt


Mix the flour and salt in a bowl and set aside.

In another bowl or even better a Pyrex measuring jug.

Measure out;


300ml lukewarm water.

14g instant yeast

14g honey (you can use sugar, I like to use honey to avoid sugar but it really tastes the same)

2 tablespoons of oil (here is I use local Scottish Rapeseed oil)


After mixing the liquids together, leave from 5-7 minutes until frothing (see above).

Then pour wet into dry and mix with a spoon bringing the mixture together.

Using your hand – make sure they are clean, wash with LT Flowers + Wood Hand Wash 😉 bring together to form a dough and on a lightly floured surface knead for 5 minutes until the surface of the dough feels smooth and silky to the touch.

Leave in a bowl for 40 minutes – 1 hour, until risen.

A little note here: pizza dough does not need a second rise (knead a second rise 🙂 ‘scuse the pun) as long as it has risen it’s good to go.  So prepare your dough as little as an hour in advance.


Once your pizza dough has risen, prepare your oven by turning it on to it’s highest heat.  I always use a pizza stone that I bought from Lakeland.  They are brilliant at getting the bottom of your pizza crispy and I highly recommend buying one.  Put the stone in the oven to pre-heat and if you don’t have a stone then preheat a baking tray that you will cook on.

Roll out the pizza dough once your oven is at full heat pull out the stone or tray and put your rolled dough onto it and build up the pizza while on the hot tray / stone (this will start the base from cooking and save on mess).



For our pizza here I did a tomato-less pizza and have used a topping of Ricotta, Mozarella, grated Parmesan, thinly sliced courgette, Black Olives, and lemon zest.


Images + Words | Laura Thomas

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