Laura’s Garden Reno pre Lockdown

If you’ve followed the blog or even the @laurathomasco social media channels you’ll know that back in 2015 I bought Gullane’s old Doctor’s Surgery.  Then owned privately by three Doctors who I bought it from as a commercial building and I have spent hours upon hours renovating it into a Family home.  It has been a labour of love as I’ve done a lot of work myself.  Teaching myself how to plaster, fill, caulk, and more. Painting the place from head to toe as well (such a satisfying job when a room is completed), I have enjoyed the work even if I’ve had to drag myself to do it at times.  Labourers have worked where I couldn’t pull down walls, treatment rooms kitchenettes, install bathrooms, and the main kitchen, as well as a kitchen in the holiday, let adjoined to the back of the building  It has been the never-ending case of getting a bit of money do a bit more..

Of course, no one could have predicted Lockdown happening in March in Scotland and for once the renovation timing was amazing as the garden was completed just before isolation kicked in.

I’ve been planning my 40th Birthday party which was supposed to be in May (now postponed) and the party was being held in the garden and was a sit-down dinner at a long table.  The Pizza Oven has been placed on hold until Lockdown has been lifted.

The works were a bit out of my capability and local gardening company Anderson’s Landscapes took on the job and I’m sure you’ll agree it has been an amazing transformation.

I’ll let the before and after images say it all..




2 thoughts on “Laura’s Garden Reno pre Lockdown

  1. Dorothy Compañy says:

    You have done an amazing job! you should be very proud. May the sun shine on your birthday even if you can’t have the party you had planned

    • Laura Thomas says:

      Thanks Dorothy, fingers crossed for a sunny day! I’ve decided to postpone the dinner in the garden until 2021 and will have my 40th birthday bash on the last day of my 40th year when COVID-19 is a distant memory!! Love Laura x

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